**Classic Paradigm Shifts** HR Software Will Endure This Decade

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The companies are constantly presented with multiple HR software. Veritably, each month couple of HR vendors become a part of this indefinite marathon to be the best HR software around the world. 

Hence, the major market players and a few mushrooming vendors in the marketplace are busy giving each other a cut-throat competition. Be it the branding efforts, writing the finest sales pitch, investing in video making, being in the news, collecting awards, attending tech events and leveraging “the numbers” relentlessly, they are doing it all.

However, none of them has been able to badge the ultimate undisputed BEST HRMS tag yet. 

The underlying reason remains – All of them are offering almost similar model to solve the HR qualms, just presenting it differently! And so, whosoever is able to resonate their words with the mind of the prospect company they are running after, wins the rat race. 

Until the last decade, the HR software purveyors were running after the cheese ( the prospects and tag of the best) just like a hamster on a running wheel- Running after the bait without a strategy in place! In other words, all of them were running after something unattainable. 

It was only just right before entering this new decade of opportunities and obstacles that a sense of realisation took hold of their mind.  Let us disclose the series of changes (highly positive) that the various HR software available are aiming to bring about in themselves one at a time. 

  • Focus on user experience and become simpler to use-

    The app ecosystem and HR software architecture will undergo a massive model shift. The usability of the software will be put to test at many levels with the only motive to enabling every employee to use it without training. Yes! This is the level of simplification companies get to enjoy by the end of this decade.

    Making clear task demarkations, sending reminders, eliminating the use of email for communications and the complexity in payroll will be the prime aim. Besides this, building a mobile app that empowers the employers to take actions and employees to view a profile, edit, raise and check the status of their requests and lot more would take a front seat too. 

Basically, the best HR software would be the one that will make itself as simple as any B2C application/software/tool. 

  • Rejig the ways to foster engagement and culture-

    The HRMS software India has are increasingly payroll and attendance centric thereby creating a vacuum when it comes to engagement. HR alone can only bring low levels of engagement or no engagement at all. But, now not all but some HR software are mapping the key engagement areas for existing talent hub at the office and the one that may come.

    Chat, conversations, helpdesk, mobile app, and integration with systems that boost productivity will be worked upon. Pulse survey, open and continuous feedback, identifying the future leaders, microlearning and gig work management are amongst other concerns. All of this will not be a mere tapestry to the core HR functions; it will become a part of core HR.  

  • Append the tools to detect bias and end harassment- 

India is progressing towards becoming a more inclusive and accepting place to be. However, the efforts can only realise when workplaces where people spend most of their time at, start supporting the cause. Discrimination on the basis of gender, race, caste, and appearance is so deeply ingrained that the employees and employers end up doing it unknowingly, even now. 

So, the technology will try to imbibe a methodology to help identify the bias and misbehaviour patterns. As an immediate effect of the same, companies can expect to see HR software attach tools that can help the recruiters write non-bias and better job descriptions. In the later part of the decade, the software that will put the people at work in uncomfortable situations to identify and improve their biased approaches will be coming to reality. 

The primary motive of the HR tech would be to attract, identify and recruit minority, LGBTQ, and maintain the ideal gender ratio at the workplace while keeping it safe, warm, welcoming and equal for everyone. 


While the purveyors are working on their respective products, how successful they would be is yet to be seen. The only thing we are sure of is that they are moulding themselves to be a better fit and not transforming the companies and its people into a fit for their software.

Certainly, the HR software that will emerge as the simplest to use and the one that would be able to add value by expanding its scope of functionalities to more than the usual attendance, payroll and recruitment models will be the bearer of the tag- BEST. 

This best HR Software would not need to run after the cheesecake but attract the cheesecake to itself ultimately. And above all, now the companies would not leave a more complex software for another complex one but for a really simple experience led platform! 

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