How to manage hiring in the times of COVID-19?

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Hiring In Covid19

Streamlining the recruitment process remotely as the global pandemic persists…

Not entirely, but remote hiring has always been a part of the system. Telephonic and video interviews have existed for a long time as a time-saving method of recruitment. Now, the lockdown imposed due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus has led to a complete dependence of companies on this virtual mode of candidate selection. Recently, Economic Times spoke to half a dozen recruitment firms which revealed that the lockdown-driven layoffs and fear of unemployment have resulted in a surge of over 30% job seekers’ resumes around the month of May. Apparently, candidates are rigorously applying for jobs and the worse will soon be over for the job market with organizations slowly resuming to work from the physical offices. 

In these challenging times, top-notch technology is the best way out. Specifically, now, recruitment management software can work wonders for hiring employees like never before. All the features of this hiring solution can prove to be transformational in the process. 

Let’s have a look at some important steps to manage the hiring process efficiently during the times of COVID-19 pandemic:

Suit Up!

Although you are not meeting in person, maintaining a professional demeanor is a must. It is meant for both employers and employees to dress up in formal attire for the video call. It gives both the parties a confident as well as conventional feel. It shows that you two equally value the job and respect each other. Hence, suit up, look presentable, and pretend to be seated in an office in front of the interviewer the whole time you are on call. 

Background checked? 

No, we are not talking about the background verification of the employee here. It is your physical background visible on the screen that you need to take care of. With household chores going on, people sitting in pajamas, noises coming from everywhere, and cluttered space, you will turn the other person off in a second. Trust me, you need to choose a quiet place with a blank or at least an immovable scenery at the back. In fact, it’s best to use a closed room with one of its walls as your backdrop.   

Be prepared…

It is quite obvious that the candidate should do his/her homework. Prepare a checklist and keep it on the desk beforehand, switch on the desktop 15 minutes before the scheduled time to adjust the lighting & camera angle, test the microphone, and put the phones and push notifications on silent mode. For employers, all the major work can be done using recruitment management software. The co-founder and operations director of Virtalent has been running hundreds of interviews using the online recruitment process. She says, “We can go from someone submitting an assessment to conducting the final interview, and running background checks almost within 48 hours.”

How’s the internet connectivity?

Make sure you have a strong internet connection before you sit down for the online interview. A breaking voice, unclear or stuck image on the screen can create confusion and irritation. So, take care that the signals are not disturbed throughout the video call and everything is smoothly managed. If a problem still occurs, the employers can use this as an opportunity to observe how the candidate reacts under pressure.

“First impression is the last impression”

Recruitment is the first stage of the employee lifecycle. So, both employees and employers need to present their best picture in front of each other. For employees, it is imperative to play virtual mock interviews before the actual one for gaining confidence. And then, keeping the aforementioned points into consideration will help in making the best first impression. Employers can start by making use of every possible feature of the recruitment management software. From resume uploading, applicant tracking, organizing & assessing tests to screening candidates, and issuing offer letters, a hi-tech RMS like HROne saves time, efforts, and costs. Thus, it can create the most positive impact ever!

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