How To Embrace The “Eat-Sleep-Work-Repeat” Routine In The New Normal?

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All of us have been running away from repetitive tasks all our lives. Because anything monotonous, soon turns boring and loses its charm. So, people are easily attracted to new and challenging situations every day. Having said that, when you are deeply engrossed in your job, you long for a work-life balance at the same time. And then, the importance of routine makes sense. Sometimes, when you are seeking the best of both worlds, it becomes important to formulate a schedule and religiously follow the same. 

The implementation of a nationwide lockdown certainly has a thoughtful agenda behind it, but it has created chaos in the lives of working professionals. People who are used to sticking to an everyday routine are finding it hard to balance their work and personal lives. This situation calls for a little streamlining of the daily regime. Where on one hand, some employees complain about the “Eat-Sleep-Work-Repeat” pattern, others are embracing it with open arms.

Let’s see how they can pull it off:

Make Every Activity Time-Bound 

“Do it the old school way!” Make a timetable and set alarms for each activity. Even if you are not a workaholic, being ambitious at this point is enough to get you going. So, if you want to prove your worth, and stay in business, you better realize the value of time. We are talking about the 4 most common chores, but if you perform other tasks in your day, make them time-bound as well. Setting time constraints help you enormously in analyzing productivity, thereby pushing you towards better results. You can even use HRMS software to measure the success.

Add A Little In-Between Fun

It is extremely necessary to include short breaks after every time & energy-consuming activity. Specifically after the “work” step. From managing a household job to executing job responsibilities, everyone needs a little breather after working continuously for hours. So, do something to lighten your mood and refresh yourselves now and then. You can play online games (thanks to social distancing), check new updates on social media, call your near & dear ones, or indulge in a hobby. This is the most vital point to keep in mind when you are working from home. 

Don’t Sink In The Pool of Guilt

Now, after taking note of the first two points, it is equally important not to go on a guilt trip if you deviate a little. All of us have days when we want to be in our ‘pajamas’ all day long and not get out of bed, or dive into nothingness and end up procrastinating. It is your responsibility to take a chill-pill and not punish yourself. Because similarly, you can even feel a little more energized than usual on some days. And then, you can compensate for the times you couldn’t focus on work completely. Remember, taking care of your mind is as crucial as it is to pamper the body.

Get The Most Out of Each Step

To adapt to this 4-step culture of eating, sleeping, working, and repeating the same as long as the home quarantine is in practice, you have to ensure making the most of it. 

We will quickly walk you through the four steps of the “lockdown routine” and the ways to get optimum results from it:


The outcomes of 80% of your daily activities depend on your eating habits. Thus, eating healthy is the first thing anyone would tell you when you are self-dependent and want to work efficiently. Since summers are going on, it is more necessary to drink than to eat. So, take little meals after proper intervals and increase as much fluid intake as possible. Maintain a healthy diet, and in the wake of coronavirus, include food items that improve immunity. To make this a fun & learning experience, try to cook your meal once in a while.


The maximum efficiency in anything you do can only be attained if you are energetic and agile. This can be controlled by managing an appropriate sleep cycle. Sleeping too much is harmful to the same extent as it is to sleep less. A normal human being should sleep about 6-8 hours every day. And don’t forget the first point of keeping it time-bound. You can also include short power naps in between the activities just like the ones for fun activities.


For embracing the work step, you can turn to numerous ways. Either set up an office-like space inside your home and imitate going to the office. Or, you can simply change the area to choose to convert into your workstation every day. Do whatever works the best for you! Utilize the best HR software in India like HROne to make the work activities 10X simpler and more orderly.


What about this step? In a nutshell, just keep repeating the aforementioned steps as long as the lockdown is enforced. Stay home, stay safe!

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