What would the future of recruitment be like?

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A year ago who would have thought or wanted to hire people on video calls? But now, we would rather prefer recruiting online and not offline. The pandemic pushed companies to recruit the futuristic way, and what were to happen in the next couple of years or maybe even later is happening now! Remote employees, virtual hiring, and a lot more including internal mobility is in and most importantly we can finally see diversity and inclusivity in the workforce composition.

So, in this blog, to help you stay ahead and in the know how of what’s coming next, we are making five predictions about the future of recruiting and hiring. Take a glimpse-

Prediction #1 Companies will borrow more and hire less!

For the amount reskilling and upskilling done this year, the norm would most likely continue. Moreover, the companies would start supporting cross functional work as well. 

Internal mobility increased by 20% with the onset of Coronavirus.

This will surely change the hiring picture too! The need for talent would be raised less, instead, people would be shifted internally from projects to projects. The applicants would be prioritized on the basis of transferable skills and their capacity in technical terms to do certain tasks!

Prediction #2 Actions and empathy will define your employer brand

Everything is going to be about the actions, companies will show and not tell what they do to build a great impression on potential hires and the outside world.

LinkedIn Insights revealed that 63% employees want their employer budget for branding to increase.

For instance, now the companies will show how empathic, people first the company is, how they support their employees, NGOs and the community in tough times, and the small acts of kindness!

Prediction #3 AI and machine learning will be on the rise

AI and machine learning are helping in businesses in multiple ways, when it comes to recruitment, it can begin to help in showing the analytics, the background, past performance and other things would be used to predict how successful the candidate can be. 

Recruitment sure is a game of guess, gut and placing your bet on the candidate that seems to be the most promising, but tech does it far better than us.

Besides this, there would be more enhancements in the future and machine learning and AI will definitely aid companies in hiring the best fit in terms of culture, skills, budget and such. In short, the busywork would be reduced and recruiters will have more time to advice and strategise with the business leaders.

Prediction #4 Engaging passive talent would be given more importance

Keeping the passive candidates in the pipeline, keeping them updated with the relevant news about the company like showing your brand culture would be the most important.

As per a poll conducted by LinkedIn, five years from now, 85% recruiters said that engaging passive talent would be the most sought after trait in recruitment professionals.

Like other skills, this would be learnt and taken seriously too! But, unlike others, this would be a journey of continuous learning and implementing!

Prediction #5 Mix of virtual and physical hiring will prevail

It is important to accept and consider this as a part of recruitment from 2020 and beyond. The right HRMS software can help you execute the hiring and onboarding process in the most seamless manner. Hybrid hiring expediates the process by opening an even larger talent pool for the company. With it, even the strong candidates who cannot appear for an interview in person can be interviewed and selected.This is also great to become a brand that exhibits and promotes diversity and inclusivity. 

So, we are saying…
As much as this year has been full of challenges, this has also been a year full of opportunities. For this year has taught us how to survive when nothing is in your or business’ favor. If we look back, we will realise how far we’ve come in this year itself. So, whatever it is that is in store for recruiters, we know that you will be able to take charge, what concerns every business the most right now is how ready it is to adapt to these uncalled/ unforeseen changes to come. So make sure you use the best HRMS software to help you through the process and work on your company culture so that everyone is ready to embrace the change/the new as and when it comes! 

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