Every Best Employee Will Leave, You Better Stay Prepared!

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Every Best Employee Will Leave, You Better Stay Prepared!

“I have decided to resign, I found a better opportunity”, “I got selected in my dream company!”

What if I say your most beloved employee in the company is going to come to you right now and tell you this. Sounds no less than a nightmare, right? But, here’s the truth, if not right at this moment, the best employees will leave your company sometime down the line.

Honestly, no matter how hard you try to stay professional at this point in time, you will find shock making you unhappy, furious and worrisome.

“How can you leave all of a sudden? You are not going anywhere.”, “You are indispensable for us, you are one of our best resources.”, “Please do not leave, let us talk and sort things out.”

The above-mentioned questions and statements might come off as an instant reply from the HR, manager or employer.

Especially, if your company is a startup, starting to feel this way is natural as there are a few employees who have become indispensable for you. They have been there from the start and have contributed to your company’s success visibly.

In this blog, we tell you the ways to prepare your business to function smoothly even when they are not working with you anymore.

Let no one hold the key to the kingdom-

As a startup, you have a lot to do but less manpower to get it done. This is why you stick to hiring the best. But, giving one employee a plethora of responsibilities will make him know so much that when they will leave, the subordinates and other departments will find no point of contact to get their solutions, questions and queries answered from. This creates communication and coordination gap which leads to delay in work or impacts the work quality. So, make it a rule to scatter the responsibility.

To begin with, think of how what will get hampered when X employee will leave. Look at the 9-box matrix tool for succession planning, check if you have contenders for the same position and start preparing that employee for it. However, if you don’t find anyone capable enough inside the organisation, check the HRMS software if there is a possibility to groom or get ready to extend an appointment letter when the X employee leaves.

Start making a journal-

Make sure you start documenting the key processes that are there in your business so that you can impart the same level of knowledge to every new employee who joins in the place of the old one. Doing so is necessary because the employees who were with you from the start know a lot and when they leave you should have the data and knowledge.

Things that you must document are the product-related changes, the unique selling points, the blog posts, the mailers, the notes that your team uses for various processes, the crisis communication plan and marketing campaigns data including the logins and credentials for various software and tools used in your company. The best way is to ask the employees to share their knowledge and skills with their team and to keep every data in company drive folders.

Wish them all the best for future endeavours!

Employees join your company because they want to earn and grow in their respective careers. So, instead of getting upset, if even after insisting they refrain from staying, wish them the best. Trust us, no one is irreplaceable! Use HRMS software to find, attract and hire the new employee. Under the right guidance, even he can bloom into the “best employee”.

Also, don’t forget to wish the employee leaving all the best.  

When an employee leaves, you’ll get over it. Your company will get over it. And you’ll all be fine.

Wish them well, and mean it.

Because that’s what you signed up for when you hired them.

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