Employee Termination / Suspension

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Employee termination is done when an employee is not fulfilling his responsibilities and hence, fired or dismissed from the job by the employer. But, sometimes if the employee on various grounds decides to the leave his present company can also be labeled as part of employee termination.

Employee termination is an extreme taken by the employees as it carries lot of stigma. Generally, if a person has been terminated from his job, it becomes more challenging for him to find another job easily.

There are 2 kinds of employee termination:

  • Voluntary termination: the termination is brought by the employee himself where he/she may not enjoy the job anymore, is not getting along with their employers or colleagues, going for higher education, spouse has found a better job in different part of the country and so on.
  • Involuntary termination: employer decides to expel their employees on the grounds of business slowdown, cost cutting, weak employee performance, not capable of the job anymore and so on.