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Termination Letter

It’s better to let them go than to keep bearing the loss of their productivity and performance. Bid adieu in the most formal way possible with HROne.

Get an almost ready-to-send termination letter template absolutely free of cost and issue it to your employees once you decide to say good-bye.

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Choose HROne for creating an easy and quick termination letter sample and stay away from hours of documentation.…
Before sharing the letter ahead, make sure it has the necessary details as mentioned below:

What is a Termination Letter?


When employers have to inform an employee of the end of his/her employment, they issue this notice in the form of a termination letter. Broadly speaking, it is also known as the notification or rather declaration of the termination of an employment contract between the employee and the employer. It is also referred to as ‘Pink Slip’.

40% of workers give their companies a negative rating on how well they help their employees advance their careers.” – CNBC

Why is a termination letter important?

As an employer, it is extremely important to keep your slate clean. Thus, issuing the termination letter to the employee would make the reason behind firing them quite clear as well as official. It can be saved in the company records to stay away from legal troubles in the future.

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