Employee Induction

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The newbies in any organization need a firm foundation to grow and evolve, and an induction program is a bedrock for that. Employee Induction is the elemental introduction of the freshly recruited human resources with the “what & how” of an organization. It is an integral part of the knowledge sharing and management process of the employee lifecycle. Everything from the rudimentary maneuvers of different departments to the complex workflow of the entire establishment is discussed within a short span of time. A well-organized Induction Programme not only apprises the employees about the company norms and culture but also makes them comfortable and ready to adapt to the environment of their new workplace. This is also the very first chance of an employer to make a positive as well as a long-lasting impression on the new hires.

The most important part about Employee Induction is that half the jim-jams faced by new employees after receiving an offer letter vanishes. Moreover, a lot of myths and confusion are gone because of the comprehension they gain after attending this knowledge sharing session. With HROne, the Employee Induction and Onboarding Operation can be planned in such a way that the employees feel valued and get excited to embark on the new journey of their careers with great enthusiasm.

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