Employee Induction

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Employee Induction Overview

The newbies in any organization need a firm foundation to grow and evolve, and an induction program is the bedrock for that. Employee Induction is the elemental introduction of the freshly recruited human resources with the “what & how” of an organization. It is an integral part of the employee lifecycle’s knowledge sharing and management process. Everything from the rudimentary maneuvers of different departments to the complex workflow of the entire establishment is discussed within a short period. A well-organized Induction Programme apprises the employees about the company norms and culture and makes them comfortable and ready to adapt to the environment of their new workplace. This is also the very first chance for an employer to make a positive and long-lasting impression on the new hires.

The most important part about Employee Induction is that half the jim-jams faced by new employees after receiving an offer letter vanishes. Moreover, a lot of myths and confusion are gone because of the comprehension they gain after attending this knowledge-sharing session. With HROne, the Employee Onboarding and Induction Operation can be planned in such a way that the employees feel valued and get excited to embark on the new journey of their careers with great enthusiasm.

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This employee induction glossary covers:

  1. Employee Induction- Meaning
  2. Importance of Employee Induction
  3. 3 Main Types of Induction Training
  4. How does employee onboarding software help? 

Let’s look at them successively, one at a time.

Employee Induction- Meaning

Employee induction involves the series of steps and conscious efforts that the employer makes to welcome the new employee in the company, new role, and work environment. Without it, the new hire might feel disconnected, increasing the chances of attrition. Some of the steps in the process are, acquainting the hire with the team, helping them settle on the first day at work, understanding responsibilities, and how they will be supported and guided in their journey. 

Importance of Employee Induction

Induction is significant to make the new hire feel belonged and have an excellent overall impression of the new company they have joined to work in. It also helps increase loyalty, reduces attrition, and instills motivation to perform well and participate enthusiastically in all activities. Moreover, induction also eradicates the anxiety that new hires bring when joining your company. 

3 Main Types of Induction Training

When a new joinee onboards, there are usually three types of Induction training that the organisation conducts-

  1. General Induction– This induction training aims to welcome the new hire in the organisation and brief them about the company’s policies, mission, vision, goals, practices, and work culture. This training is conducted by HR. 
  2. Specific Orientation– This orientation training is more specific and generally conducted by the department head. In this, the employee is told about the department, duties, responsibilities, colleagues, and everything they would need to get started. 
  3. Follow up Induction– After some weeks, the employee is asked about his experience working with the organization to understand any challenges they are facing and take measures to improve the experience. 

Note: This process might be done virtually if the company operates remotely. 

How does employee onboarding software help? 

Employee onboarding software helps extensively in the process. Below are some of the many ways it does so- 

1. Buddy program– When the employee joins, the manager can go to the system and assign a buddy from the team. The buddy will get a checklist as to what they are supposed to do. For instance, take them for lunch, introduce them to the team, and assure them they can work without any hiccups. 

2. Upload documents– The new joinee gets a task from HR to upload pending or all the professional and personal details in the software like a bank account, PAN card, DOB, and more. Besides, the IT team also gets the task to assign them a laptop and create a company ID for them. 

3. Social intro– This feature allows the new joiner to introduce themselves on the portal mentioning their position, hobbies, and more. This way, everyone in the company knows them. 

4. Welcome message– The employee onboarding software empowers the managers to share a welcome message with the new joiner. 

5. Survey– You can keep asking the new employee about their experience with the team, manager, and company in general through pulse or surveys

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