4 Tips To Manage Your Team Better And Achieve Project Targets

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If the most credible research centres are to be believed, employees are always on a hunt for a new job. Few of those who are not willing to change may be at peace with the job but not motivated enough.

However, if I were to say one thing that can change the game for your organisation in this regard, it has to be the manager. The team managers and directors can collectively make some efforts to boost employee morale. After all, it is not just the employees who need to improve, you may also need to.

Project and payroll software can help your team project gain the right momentum and in assigning tasks to each team member, setting the benchmarks but can it change the way you as a manager are? To a certain extent, it may, but monthly and weekly have to be conducted anyway, to discuss the way ahead.

But before we begin with the ways to be a better manager, I would want you to introspect. Which sort of manager are you? Are you the one who lends a listening ear to your team members or the one who is always on their heads to get the tasks completed?

Simply put, conversation wins over criticism. Let’s begin!

Know the most important part of their job

As an HR manager, you should make the roles and responsibilities clear by including them all in the appointment letter format pdf you send.

Managers should make this the agenda for your next meeting. It is very important for you to know what aspect of the job motivates your team members the most. For instance, someone writing content may be more intrigued by the task of blog writing while the other may like to write copies. Also, focus on letting each of your team members speak, you focus on hearing them out. You can use these inputs to assign the tasks to them more according to their area of interest.

Find ways to help your team

By this, I don’t mean to say that you should start taking up the tasks of your team and do them yourself. No! But you can still help them. Listen to the challenges they are facing in doing their work, and support them with the right tools to perform their job. If you use project and payroll software for defining weekly or monthly deliverables, you should also give them feedback on ways to improve and ask them the reason for not completing the task on time.

Celebrate the little things

It is great to foster better relationships with your team members and make them feel important. Be a part of their celebrations and sorrows. Take them out to celebrate the accomplishments of the benchmarks set. This is a great way to keep them motivated.

Work on your weak points

You cannot be good at everything you do, even when you feel so. Just like you give your feedback to the employees on their work, ask them for the feedback on your work. Also, when you do so, don’t get negative or stop speaking to the teammate. Take suggestions constructively and work upon it.

Becoming a better manager for the welfare of your employees and of course the organisation is the need of the hour. Be a gem! You cannot be a great guide just by passing the orders on. Prior to that you also need to know the right procedure, to begin with, and the ways to keep the team morale high. Go on, work for it!

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