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Payroll made intelligent, integrated and simplified, leaving no room for fallacy and effort loss. We make sure, when you think payroll management software, you think HROne.

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What is Payroll Software?

The payroll management software automates all the payroll functions right from preparing paid days to processing deductions, wage calculations, tax payments and return filings in an organization. The software can be deployed in two different ways- there can be a desktop on-premise app or cloud-based application, which can be accessed from anywhere with an active internet connection. The cloud-based payroll software offers advantages like easy upgrades, scalability and encryption based data security.

What does payroll management system do?

The payroll management system eliminates manual tracking and preparation of paid inputs from attendance records of the employees, it automatically fetches these inputs from the leave and attendance system, takes into account all deductions, taxes and insurance and the final salaries of employees are processed in their bank accounts in a few taps. The payroll solutions also assures 100% compliance in accordance with the Indian government statutory guidelines.

Why need Integrated Online Payroll Systems?

  • Decrease overhead costs by automating multiple processes
  • Consistent & timely paid day inputs
  • Group payout validations for less consumption of time & energy of HRs
  • Decreased employee grievances with timely and correct payouts
  • Decreased costs with minimal errors in payouts to employees
  • Stay compliant with statutory guidelines

HROne Payroll Management System- A software that’s fun & fast

Best payroll management software for every organization whether it’s for 20 employees or 20K. Integrated across modules like attendance management software, pay offs, PMS hr, recruitment management software for auto CTC of new joiners to ensure pinpoint accuracies.

Our Clients See Value in it, Yours Will Too

“After HROne, the payroll processing is easily done within 40-60 mins. We only focus 20% on the operational activities, and we get 80% bandwidth to focus on the strategic areas.”

Dinesh Prabhakar,

Vice President HR, Bharathi Homes

Salary Structure

Process salaries in a tap

  • No salary delays for new joiners

Don’t wait for the month end. Assign salary structure for the new joiners on their first day to the mapped task owners.

  • Auto CTC for the first time

All you have to do is fill the Basic or HRA and rest would be calculated automagically!

  • Configure Paygroups and Pay components

Create paygroups department wise or at OU level , the way its applicable to your organization structure.

Hr &Amp; Payroll Management Software India

Salary Process & Verification

0% Error ensured

  • Schedule Payroll & Recurring Payroll

Activate payroll as per your financial year and schedule the recurring payroll for a calendar date in a HR Software.

  • 1 click error processing

Before any penny is debited, a well stipulated algo runs to ensure payroll is completely error free. An error list is generated with employee details, if the algo finds any deviations.

  • Smart algo for error calculation

The smart error algo compares difference in pay components with the previous months and where the difference is figuratively higher, it gets highlighted in the error list in our HRIS software.

Online Payroll Processing Software

Payroll Queries

Don’t get stuck in recalculations

  • 3 Dimensional Report for all your payroll related queries.

Don’t lose your precious time hunting solutions and answers to your payroll related questions. Get access to the 3 dimensional report that consists of:

  • Vertical view

Facilitates a complete picture of the employee salary, with all pay components.

  • Horizontal view

Facilitates a comparative picture of employee salary with previous months.

  • Drill down view

Click on any component and learn which pay group is affecting it or leading to it and the calculations behind it.

Best Online Payroll Management System In India

Compliance and Taxes

Stay compliant, always.

  • We take care of compliance with Salary

All statutory deductions for PF, ESI, Professional tax, IT, LWF etc. are auto deducted as per the latest laws and amendments.

  • Get challans and know the red flags

Generate challans for PF, ESI, PT, IT, LWF, Bonus, Gratuity and more in the government recommended format, without having to fiddle through different forms.

Get a ready checklist to track your compliance related concerns in one window.

Payroll Systems

Employee Payroll Management System

Reduce workload on payroll system admin

Make payday a pleasant experience for your employees & payroll system admins. Empower your employees to do more than just download salary slips.

  • Investment declarations

Reduce workload on payroll system admin by auto approval of proposed investment declarations. If you follow the same investment plan as last year, skip the steps and copy from the previous year.

  • Simplify loan approval and EMIs

Create your loan policies as per the organization, specify loan eligibility for employees from DOJ, Maximum number of EMIs allowed and Interest type.

  • No need for loan import

Employees can raise loan request and on approval, EMIs are auto deducted from payroll software

  • Easy pay Reimbursements

Auto run reimbursements, define how you wish to pay the reimbursements – by default or by claim and to which type of account. Let employees claim reimbursement and upload bills as per the credit cycles set by you.

  • Payslips and more on the go.

Quick view of Payslips, tax slips, PF 12 BA forms available on web and mobile. Employee can access anytime anywhere, password protected for safe access.

Employee Payroll Management System


Know the actual costs

  • Effective costs

Know your real payouts. Learn about the effective costs that takes into consideration the Variable component and reimbursements.

  • CTC trends

Peep into the CTC trends, how is hiring cost changing over a defined period of time and how is your average hiring cost is doing on the charts.

  • Liabilities

Be aligned with your actual liabilities. Learn what you are ought to pay to the employees in the longer run, count in Leave encashment, gratuity and bonus.

  • Reports

A full view of your Payroll system with 27+ comprehensive tabular reports.

Payroll Insights


Compatible with all

  • 15+ Integrations

Integrate online payroll management software with the financial platforms like SAP Business One, Microsoft Navision, SAP R3, SAP By Designs, Tally, Custom ERPs, Oracle ERP and leave all your payroll worries behind.

Payroll Integration With Hr

How does an integrated HR and Payroll software- HROne work?

The Top 6 benefits of the Payroll Software

Trusted by India’s top brands

Frequently Asked Questions

The payroll software operates in 3 main stages:

  • Pre-payroll process: defining payroll policies, collecting and validating inputs
  • Actual payroll process: payroll calculations
  • Post-payroll process: payroll reconciliation, payout, statutory compliance, payroll accounting and reporting

HROne is indeed the best payroll management software as it:

  • Saves time by automating payroll processes end-to-end
  • Avoids crucial payroll mistakes and keeps data error-free
  • Simplifies statutory taxes and ensures payroll compliance
  • Provides seamless integration and flexible access to other software
  • Offers employee portal for performing payroll tasks on the go
  • Can be customized as per your business needs
  • A Payroll management system automates the payroll functions reducing the turnaround time of employees payouts to less than a day and eliminates the administrative burden on the HRs. Additional, error prone payouts and compliance failure are two major disadvantages a company is likely to suffer in the absence of this system..
  • To shortlist the Best Payroll Software Vendor, opt for a vendor which offers good support service, easy deployment and accredited solution. HROne is trusted by brands across 18+ industries as its solution is 100% compliant, accurate and we extend end to end support to our customers from the implementation phase to post deployment.
  • A payroll management software buyer should look for the following features – accounting, recording files & payslips, payroll reporting, conducting salary verification, keeping track of earnings and deductions, maintaining statutory compliances and in-depth payroll insights.
  • As an employer, you can keep a check on your organization CTC, reimbursements and expenses. Get an itemized view of deductions, company contributions and open loans. Easily compare year-on-year salary trends on a line graph chart.
  • SMEs can manage their payroll, especially by using smart platforms but how it can be done, that’s the question. Payroll software in small businesses not only simplify tasks but also automate processes. As a small business looking to maximize productivity and enhance the overall employee experience, you need to ensure a proper payroll structure is in place. Your business should have the necessary tools to take care of payroll-related functions. With the right system in place, you should be able to free up your time to make more informed business decisions.
  • A good payroll software system provides error-free compliance, simplifies the reimbursement structure, and helps mitigate delays in salary disbursements. You must run an accurate and timely payroll because even the smallest errors could cost you immensely. Try HROne, so that your small business doesn’t manage its payroll just efficiently but also cost-effectively.
  • Through HROne mobile app, employees can perform 75+ tasks like quick access to payslips, tax deductions, and tax forms and respond to different types of requests from the comfort of their homes! They don’t have to rush to the HR & Admin offices every time and get things done on the go. This mobile application feature not only gives employees the ability to become self-sufficient but also makes them feel empowered merely through their mobile screens.


  • EPF – Employees’ Provident Fund
  • TDS – Tax Deducted At Source
  • ESI – Employees’ State Insurance
  • LWF – Labour Welfare Fund
  • PT – Professional Taxes
  • Other Statutory Acts and Reports
  • HROne payroll software is compatible with all! You can integrate the payroll software with 15+ financial platforms like SAP Business One, Microsoft Navision, SAP R3, SAP By Designs, Tally, Custom ERPs, Oracle ERP and leave all your payroll worries behind.
  • Users can execute overall more than 50 tasks using the HROne mobile app including . As far as payroll is concerned, You can get the information you need right from your mobile – HR handbook, salary slips, tax slips, reimbursement slips, investment declaration, loan requests & more.
  • There are a few factors that contribute to the costing of an HR Payroll Software. Some companies provide monthly subscriptions and yearly plans based on their clients’ needs. With HROne, the payroll software price depends on the headcount, we charge on a per employee per month basis.

Learn more about Payroll related components

Notice Period Adjustments

An employee is required to serve a definite notice period applicable from the day of resignation. HROne Payroll is auto synced with the last working day of an employee, and calculates the final settlement amount as per the increment or decrement in the notice period, and credits the FnF (salary) accordingly.

Leave Encashments

Leave encashment implies the amount of money an employee receives in lieu of the unavailed earned leaves accumulated over a period of time. Companies can customize their earned leave policies with HROne whether the remaining leave balance can be redeemed in the form of cash or carried forward to the next year’s balance.

Loans & Arrears

Employers need not worry about keeping a tab on EMI deductions for the loans and advance salary applications by employees. HROne Payroll auto deducts EMIs from the salary as the limit defined and auto process the arrears for unpaid days or promotions

Gratuity & Other Payables

With HROne, Gratuity calculation gets accurate and as easy as pie! At the time of relieving, all the salary arrears, paid leave encashments, and other payables are auto-processed in the form of final payout.

Settlement Statement

Be it a loan settlement or full & final settlement, HROne clearly summarizes everything in the settlement statement without the worry of any future misunderstandings or legal troubles.

Statutory Compliance

HROne ensures 100% statutory compliance as per the latest rules and regulations. The statutory deductions for EPF, ESI, Professional Tax, IT, LWF, etc. are automatically processed and challans generated without fiddling through different forms.


Bonus calculations for any given period on selected salary heads become a lot easier with HROne’s automated payroll software. Moreover, bonus policy, taxability, formats, etc. are considered while evaluation and challans for bonus are auto generated.


With HROne’s easy pay reimbursements, one can auto run it, define the type of account, select the mode of payment and upload bills automatically to facilitate the payments.

Investment Declarations

Approval of investments was never this quick and easy! HROne automates investment declarations and copies investment plans from the previous year if the same is being followed in the current one, thus making the whole process faster.

Customized Payslips

Payslips and tax slips are auto-generated by HROne in a standard, government-recommended format, making it easier for employees to understand each component.


This health and medical insurance is a self-financing social security scheme for Indian employees and their dependents. HROne auto deducts ESI and auto generates challans for the same for facilitating payroll.


Employees’ Provident Fund is a post retirement income and savings scheme wherein, both employees and employers pay equal contribution towards the scheme. HROne ensures that 100% compliance is maintained as the latest rules & regulations.


Managed by individual state authorities, the Labour Welfare Fund is a statutory contribution. HROne auto-records challans for all the payments and necessities provided to the employees under the scheme.


Tax deduction at source is applicable on various incomes received by an employee such as salaries, interest on funds and deposits, etc. HROne is 100% compliant to all the taxes that the employee is required to pay.

Professional Tax

Levied and collected by the state government, PT is a tax applicable on all kinds of professions, trades, and employments. HROne makes sure you don’t have to juggle different forms for paying and generating challans for the same.

Payroll Software Services By Cities

HROne has made its workplace experts available for help locally in all the major cities in India. It is so because we believe in providing a global grade application experience to every business in India locally. So far, we have helped more than 900+ companies and their HRs save billions of hours through automation with the help of our workplace experts placed locally in the major locations in India.

Here is a list of all the locations HROne teams are present at, locally. To know more, do explore-

Map Location

Why Choose Payroll Management Software by HROne?

Manual or with software, processing payroll has never been easy for any business. The complex calculations, maintaining excels/papers is no easy task. In a Deloitte survey, it was found that the users were not satisfied with these three things- Compliance, controls; accuracy, and integration.

On the contrary, HROne Online HR & Payroll software decreases time usage, and increases savings significantly. It is seamlessly integrable. with 15+most popular financial platforms. The system runs a special three-dimensional check before final payroll processing and red flags if the challan checklist is not duly completed.

Besides taking actions for payroll and more for HRs, the CXOs can view more than 10 payroll reports.

Switch to HROne, an intelligent enterprise-ready hrms software and empower your HRs to achieve 10x better results.