3 Skills HRs Need To Survive The Disruption

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3 Skills Hrs Need To Survive The Disruption

Debates around men, machines, AI and human, are common. We have never been able to find a clear winner till now, however, one thing is true- Humans and technology both are irreplaceable, and there to support each other not to snatch someone’s place. Infact, the only thing that will help the HRs now and in the future is finding a balance, for it will help them lead the people around them towards the best path.

The skills to do so are not something one is born with, they are developed over time. So, what are the skills that can make you as an HR future-ready and enable you to navigate others in the current turbulent time? Before we plan for the future, it is important to take a backseat and contemplate.

To help you with the same, in this blog, we share with you 3 lenses keeping in mind the physical, emotional, psychological, emotional, intellectual, financial, and social. While they may seem to be broad, you can treat them as a basis for setting the internal skills in relation to the disruptive times to make yourself and your organisation more future proof. Let’s read about them below!

Being emotionally intelligent-

At the present time, the work world is going through an undefined series of changes, of which no one knows the end or perfect plan to. But, the flip side is also there. This sudden shock has also presented people, in abundance, the technology and opportunities to innovate. The only problem is the lack of vision and clarity. This is leading to job insecurity and consequential financial instability triggering anxiety and stress.

For instance, if the salary slip is not given to employees on time, they may think they are losing jobs.
All these man-made worries lead to low productivity ultimately. As an HR leader, prioritising emotional intelligence must be done. Some tips to guide you in acquiring this skill are patient listening, encouraging open communication and empowering employees in their individual journeys.

Being Ambitious

When it comes to career, there are two kinds of professionals- the hustlers and the settlers. Even though the ones who make do with what they have and know how to be content with it are the best examples of survival, the hustlers have the hunger, eagerness to learn. When you will be ambitious, you will be able to get better outcomes from the workforce as you will be driven to get better.

This skill can help you in motivating and driving the performance of your workforce immensely. To keep the performance thriving, you must also send the salary and salary slip on time. Ambition, in this like these, makes you even more unsettling and makes you and your team give better results because of your outlook of development.

Being the collaborator

Gone are the times when the leader used to be the head and manage everything on its own. Now, a true leader is the one who collaborates. The HR leaders now, need to not limit their expertise to people and operations, they must also take part or drive decisions related to utilities, cost, profit and every other organisational function.

Once you start collaborating with other leaders and people outside the HR fraternity, you will be able to cross-skill and upskill your departments, yourself and other departments. For instance, you can educate the workforce about salary slip and other crucial things that concern your employees.

This will also introduce a culture of team achievement over individual ones. The frequent collaborations will further help the HRs in tapping into the latent talent and potential of the employees.

We hope the aforementioned 3 survival skills help you and the ones you lead sail smoothly through these times and also give you as an HR the capability to be better prepared for the unprecedented challenges ahead! Remember HR software and other tech tools can turn out to be a great aid in the process!

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