3 Red Alerts your Startup Needs an HR Software Badly

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In a startup, not just the founder but almost every hire has to be up and ready every hour for multi-tasking and managing things that might not concern their job profile. For instance, a person may have been appointed as an HR. However, along with it he or she might be handling social media as well. And the founder, oh well, he is the person wearing different-different hats every day.

Undeniably, this is what happens when there is a lot to manage but the capital, resources and profits are way less than what they should be. Anyway, one must remember, every big company was once a startup and it isn’t hard work that gets them there rather smart work.

Some of you would not be in a position to hire an HR and we understand. In this blog, we tell the smart ways to run your startup and manage your team efficiently without hiring an HR.

Note: We will also tell when you direly need to hire an HR.

Keep reading to know the red alerts.

When the administrative work isn’t ending:

As a fresh startup, the founder mostly runs the payroll himself. Apart from that, you also keep the employee data in files and folders. You end up getting them lost somewhere or not having every document you ideally require from your hires. All this creates a lot of fuss and

you cannot turn a blind eye to all this. Putting your business at stake, assuming you are doing it all right and won’t face any legal battles will be obtuse for you.

Should you hire an HR?

Given that the founder is not an HR himself, the chances of all the rules and policies in place are quite blurry. To stay updated and save yourself from compliance issues and getting into legal battles, you should hire an HR. However, if the task of updating records is burdening you, you need an HR. Also, if the employees are raising too many question and concerns, you need an HR.

Should you get a software?

If not a comprehensive HR software then a Payroll software is what you should get for sure. The scattered information gets consolidated, payroll processes in a few clicks. The employee data is stored at a place. Moreover, you stay compliant, generate salary slips, extends contracts, and tracks attendance. HR-One is a complete software priced reasonably for startups. You can consider it while beginning with the process.

When recruitment is taking too long

You started a company and thought of hiring a few people. For instance let us suppose you wanted to hire a designer, developer, a few interns, and a content writer. But, even after posting the job vacancies, you are not getting a good response. Infact, the recruitment procedure with the few applicants you have is taking forever.

Should you hire an HR?

If you don’t have a content writer already, try to write the best description possible. Write about the perks of working in your startup. Talk about their benefit. Hiring an HR isn’t really needed if there aren’t many vacancies to be taken care of. However, if your recruitment drive is increasing constantly, you better hire an HR pro. He will bring order to the recruitment process.

Should you get a software?

Yes, you should. Recruitment requires a lot of scanning through the eyes only if you don’t have an HR software. The recruitment module of such software will help you in parsing the data, creating a candidate database and in better integration with your candidate portal and much more.

You are no longer micromanaging

When the employees were less, you used to have a better tab on everything. You knew what the manager is doing, what the accountant is doing. Moreover, the employees also used to tell you their grievances and you were able to consider and if needed act upon them. However, now that the headcount is rising, you cannot micromanage and be an HR cum founder anymore.

Should you hire an HR?

This increasing headcount slowly starts giving signals that it needs an HR. Understand, you are now seen as the boss and the workforce may not feel really comfortable sharing their concerns with you. Infact, you may be so occupied with the expansion plans yourself that micromanagement will no more be your thing. In such situations just to make sure the employee happiness doesn’t take a backseat, it is important to hire an HR. No software can manage this independently.

Should you get an HR software?

An HR software can assist the HR in doing the performance review, giving the right appraisals, and working on every employee concern. Apart from a great work culture, employee happiness quotient is also affected by the monetary aspect. They want the right salary amount credited to their accounts timely. And this is where you require an HR software inclusive of the payroll software the most. So go get it.

The Way Ahead

Here you have it, the aforementioned scenarios were the ones that the startups face mostly. We have simplified it all here in this blog for you. Just an HR software like HR-One can simplify plenty of things for you. You actually don’t need to waste your time using multiple tools to manage multiple things. We think startups just need a reliable tool backed by years of experience just like HR-One. It deals with more than half of the management challenges HRs face. What do you think?

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