Warning Letter

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Human error is an apparent and inevitable phenomenon. However, it does not imply that employees can get away with as many mistakes and other downsides of their employment as they want. Whenever a continual deterioration in the work performance or professional conduct of an employee is observed, an official admonitory document is issued to the guilty. This formal reprimand is known as Warning Letter

An HR Warning Letter is an ultimatum given to workforce under certain conditions such as constant underperformance, violation of company policies or guidelines and repeated breach of laws among others. As a part of the disciplinary process, this cautionary letter is sent to the new joiners after releasing a Probation Extension Letter Format to them, after the employees fail to surpass their Performance Improvement Plan or before terminating their employment. Whereas, for the permanent manpower, this document can be issued at any stage of the employee lifecycle, whenever applicable.

The elements of a standard Warning Letter include the name of the employee, current date, time and location, letter body (content), nature of the infringement, corrective or remedial measures, punishment/ penalty, consequential actions and signature of the issuer.

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