4 Self-Evaluating Questions For Better HR Planning

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An organization has a lot of expectations from its HR team for holding their workplace with best of their abilities and make its residing workforce productive and happy. To fulfill these expectations an HR may divert from their core responsibilities, which is recruiting right people with the right skill sets at the right time.

To meet present and futuristic business needs one requires a proper human resource management planning process. It helps in maintaining right demand supply of human resource as your business grows. The demand is raised for the quality recruitment with the available supply present in the market.

To attract the best employee you must assess your company’s requirement first.

Evaluate your company by asking following questions:

  • How are we doing as an organization?
  • What works for our organization?
  • What are the market trends?
  • How to bring change in your organization with changing trends?

These questions help in shaping a long-term human resource planning process and achieve its set objectives.


Here you need to analyze the company’s performance and review aspects such as employee performance, hiring, accounts, and payroll etc. on your HRMS Software, that helps in forming a baseline in creating a blueprint for the next quarter or yearly action plan.

Company review is like standing in front of the mirror where you can see your beauty and flaws clearly. An HRs job here is to make sure a positive and progressive report and feel good vibe is shared with its employees and on the other hand, make the management look on its weak links from asking to raise budget for better workspace to help average employee perform better or as harsh as getting rid of non-performing employees all together.

The company should be well aware of its vision, mission and competition, only then they can be future ready to face challenges.


Here you need to take customer feedback and know from them your strengths. Once you know your strength you should concentrate on marketing it as your virtue. As an organisation you must have a blueprint of selling and it should be printed in the minds of every sales head of your organisation.

Next step to observe is, are employees staying in your organisation or is there a high attrition rate. If the attrition rate is low that means the employees are happy working for the company personally and financially.

The HR here can request management to allot designated budget for facilities to be provided to employees in the workplace for better work life balance. It can be free coupons for shopping, free meals, gym, flexible working hours and so on.


Knowing your market value and your position in the market helps in making sales to customers. You must know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors; but it should not to intimidate you but it helps in knowing your own strengths and make better strategies from introducing new product to shutting the products that have become obsolete in the market.

HRs can assess market change by analyzing what kind of candidates come to apply for a job. The HR department’s job at this time is to recruit the right person for the vacant job. The person should be quick to adapt to change, should have desired skill set without wasting hours on training.

When a company is aware of what’s happening around, it helps them save huge amounts of money.


Rapid change in technology is making organisations upgrade itself from time to time to survive and thrive. To bring about such changes one needs proper planning and implementation in such a way that minimum harm is done to the existing work setup with negligent employee resistance and cost.

The companies embrace change in two situations:

  • When a company faces a problem
  • When a thought leader bring changes to the existing setup

Any change brings resistance with it as people cling to habits. To avoid resistance from your employees you must inform them prior and give them proper training and education. The long term benefit and ease in working should be highlighted time and again through mailers.

Sometimes companies fail to implement new policies and technologies because they are not properly planned. One must appoint a manager who looks after the implementation and solves every query with patience.

This makes it clear the importance of an HR department in a company; they are the harbingers that help a company grow every second.

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