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Relieving Letter

Make Good-Byes a little less painful by sharing the perfect relieving letter with your parting employees.

Tell them you will value them even as they leave and make them glad about having worked with you.

Get an almost ready-to-send relieving letter template in standard format by HROne absolutely free.

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Use our custom-built relieving letter sample to create and forward the official document exactly the way you want!
Before your employees receive this much-deserved official certificate, make sure you prepare the best version of it by including key pointers like:

What is a Relieving Letter?


A relieving letter is an official document which is issued to an employee at the time of leaving the organization. It is a formal way of accepting the resignation and letting the employee go with a free will. As per the contents of the relieving letter format, the employee is relieved from all his/her responsibilities and duties, thereby ending the employment term. Moreover, it states that all the claims pertaining to the employment stand clear and all the dues settled.

“Top reasons workers left a job were not feeling valued, not being paid enough, and not getting enough opportunities for advancement.” – 2019 employee engagement and retention statistics

Why is a relieving letter important?

Firstly, it is an official paper which suggests that the concerned person doesn’t hold the company’s data or any internal belongings/property. Next, the relieving letter is a solid proof of employment since it has all the necessary details that an employer needs to verify the authenticity of a job.

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Download the free HROne relieving letter sample now, and save yourselves from half of the employee exit nuisances.