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Promotion Letter

Break the good news to your employees in the best way possible. Send a perfect promotion letter and see their cheerful reactions.

Use the customizable show cause letter sample to ask them for a valid explanation.

HROne makes the drafting of a promotion letter format 3 times simpler. With ‘to the point’ content and formal tone, we give you a send-ready document absolutely free of charge!

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Key Highlights

You can make this happy announcement loud and clear through the HROne promotion letter template.
But, it won’t make an impact unless you include every necessary detail that the lucky employee needs to know. The 4 most important points in a promotion letter are:

What is a Promotion Letter?


An employment promotion letter is the official document released to inform an employee of an upgrade in his/her job role in the organization. Most of the time, the promotion is accompanied with a salary hike. The whole decision-making of promotion is based on the performance review of the employee within a defined period. Companies conduct promotions separately once or twice every year or during the Rewards and Recognition (R&R) program.

“Reasons employees value their work and are loyal to their employer include the work they perform (55%), salary (50%), and immediate supervisor (39%).” – Addison Group

Why is a promotion letter important?

A promotion letter is a formal/legal and official document that provides ‘on paper’ authenticity to the promotion. It sometimes serves as a proof of employment for the concerned employee’s next job. But most importantly, this is a ‘feel-good’ document to make the promoted employee feel valued and appreciated.

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