Process Payroll Securely, Timely, Accurately During Coronavirus WFH

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Coronavirus, Pandemic, COVID-19, these are all the most frequently used terms for this contagious disease that has grappled the world entirely. Threatening the very existence of us, the humankind, the virus has made us cage ourselves in our homes. The level of distrust the moment you step out of the house is delirious. But if there’s one thing besides human lives that is going through a slow death every day then it’s the economy- It has been hit adversely!

Many industries are completely shut and others not fully functional. The best that the businesses and employees can do right now is be there for each other- The employees should stay disciplined and productive and companies should pay them timely without any deductions (in case your industry is not that badly impacted).

But, the real problem comes in turning the above-mentioned points into reality. Payroll management is such a critical HR function that must be up and ready for these unprecedented times. Moving forward,

In this blog we tell you how you can ensure secure, timely and accurate processing of payroll using Payroll Management Software or HR software.

Move the system/ software access to home

It is imperative at this time for companies to move the system to homes of the payroll team. However, if that doesn’t sound feasible to you then you must allow them to access the information on their home desktops or laptops. This step is easier for companies that are using on-cloud HR software.

Organise a training session

After that when the employees are working from home a training session or mock-up should be done before the payroll processing date arrives so that there are no hiccups that time. The session can be held using any video calling app that has a group video call option available. The same can be facilitated by HROne video call option for one on one meetings as well. If there are just two people that need to coordinate. By the end of this session, everyone in the payroll team must know the additional tasks that they would be responsible for.

Show concern to employees

Now before processing payroll, you must also at least once in a week, make an announcement asking the employees about their health.

If, unfortunately, any employee is corona positive, make it a point to add an extra amount in his salary before processing the payroll.

You can also give them an option to avail their salary in advance as a loan using the HR and Payroll Management Software.

Check the insights

After that, because it is already quite big of a change for the stakeholders and employees to work from home, you must check the insights section.

Your people are still getting used to working from home and so it is normal for them to forget taking some of the actions in the HR and payroll management software that you are using for instance, requesting/ approving attendance corrections, placing/ accepting leave requests or even mark their geo attendance from homes. So, you must send reminders to employees for that.

Run a three-dimensional check

This drill-down view of the CTC of employees and more will help you in spotting the errors and rectifying them so that you can finally process the salary in time and accurately.

It might not be possible for some companies to do that and the best solution for them is to ask the bank to process the salary as per the last month for every employee. You can later always cut the extra amount paid (if any) when things get back to normal.

However, if you need any help, we at HROne are always at your service. We have devised a new package, Workforce Connect that is made to boost engagement and productivity from home.

You can always add that up for your WFH workforce while utilising our payroll management software to process payroll in a secure, timely and accurate manner.

So, abhi chat par message karona to let us help your business fight Corona!

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