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Internship Offer Letter

What’s better than a highly-driven, and agile set of youngsters with humongous enthusiasm working towards a common goal? Share their energy by inviting them to work with you!

Send a well-drafted and formal document to welcome the interns onboard. Use our free HROne internship offer letter template to do the job smartly.

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Key Highlights

HROne believes in smart-work. The internship offer letter sample must include only essential details required for an easy and effective drafting.
So, don’t forget to keep these 4 points while creating one:

What is an Internship Offer Letter?


Both college undergraduates and graduates usually look for an internship program before hopping on to a full-time job. And after successfully getting through all the interview rounds and selection process, the candidates are offered an internship with the organization. This document of a formal declaration of the commencement of internship is known as an internship offer letter.

“By recognizing small wins and efforts along the way, leaders see and 83% increase in engagement and a 136% increase in feeling like a subject matter expert at their organization.”

Why is an internship offer letter important?

The internship offer letter is important to ensure that the inexperienced new joiner is assured of the internship confirmation. Moreover, since the newbie usually doesn’t have a prior work experience, this offer letter is used to give a glimpse of the organizational workflow and policies to the selected candidate.

Want to ensure faster and better hiring of interns? From updating candidate data to scheduling interviews, the HROne recruitment management software can do it all for you!

You can download the free HROne internship offer letter sample template now, and save yourselves from half of the letter documentation hassle.