HR Software Misconceptions v/s The Reality

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Added: Consider doing anything good or new for your business and you will experience instant opposition to that. Resistance is easy, acceptance is hard. After All, there is a reason why they say, you will always find ‘Naysayers’ more than the ‘Yaysayers’.

All I am trying to say here is, you may have been thinking to invest in an HRMS. But, you may be facing some roadblocks in your way. I am talking here about the heard but never experienced kind of statements they make. Yes! I am talking about – The Misconceptions- The Myths- The Rumours!

Nevertheless, don’t let the web of false statements surround your mind.

Put your mind at rest, take a look at this blog to watch the misconceptions bust wide open.

#MISCONCEPTION 1- In the forthcoming years, HCM will eliminate the requirement of HR personnel

#REALITY CHECK 1- Put simply, what a smartphone does? It is made to make your life better and easier. What is the benefit of google maps, if you won’t use it for navigation? What is the use of the most basic calling function, if you don’t use it to talk to anyone? Can a smartphone suffice its existence without you? NO!

Likewise, an HCM cannot take the place of the HRs itself. The software is just to make the life of HR personnel better. It improves the efficiency and quality of work. Can the software communicate with the shortlisted candidates on its own over the call? It cannot work entirely on its own. Just like an HR needs its support, this automation tool needs the support of HRs too.

#MISCONCEPTION 2- On-Cloud HRMS software costs a fortune

#REALITY CHECK 2- This may come off as a surprise to you that HR automation can cut down your administrative costs to almost 60%. It is even better to opt for on-cloud automation services as all the updates get synced automatically unlike on-premise. It saves a lot of time that goes in payroll processing, expense management, recruitment and travel bookings etc. The saved time when utilised for doing other relevant tasks crucial for business growth can increase revenue. Thus, contrary to the popular belief, it reduces your overall costs in the long-term and increases the overall revenue. Besides, how much an HRMS software costs your business also depends on the modules you are using. You just need to pay for what your use. Also, installation and subscription costs are relatively low.

#MISCONCEPTION 3- Setting up a cloud-based HRMS is very time-consuming

#REALITY CHECK 3- Cloud-based HRMS solution is way easier to implement. It takes a couple of days and after that, every employee can access it via mobile or desktop over the internet. Since no hardware installation is required, no major IT involvement is required.

#MISCONCEPTION 4- The business loses hold of its data

#REALITY CHECK 4- It is as simple as that. The hr software solutions are made for you and your employees. Till the time, you will not use it, it won’t work. It needs someone to command it. So, there is no loss of data or mismanagement of it. It is in fact more secure as everything is end-to-end encrypted.



Well, every business might be confronted with one misconception to other. In the end, it is always up to the business to either believe them or move past them. Just remember, that they exist to bring your business growth to halt by convincing you to stay in a cocoon, take a backseat and follow the bygone methods of business and HR management.

Don’t think much, just take the leap of faith to get to experience the awesomeness of HR automation and redefine your business revenue and growth rate faster!

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