HR Manager / Generalist

HR generalist is the position in HR that looks after the day-to-day operations of HR department. From Hiring to retiring, they are managing the entire life cycle of an employee. They provide information and manage the HRMS along with building relevant employee profiles.

An employee reaches to an HR manager/generalist for any query or concern related to safety, payslip, reimbursement, leave application or any other concern they have. It is HR generalists responsibility to arrange time-to-time learning and training practices for its employees to upgrade their skills. Their work profile is overlapped by interconnected responsibilities but in recent times and with advent of HR technology one of the key responsibility of HR manager is to deal with all aspect of talent management where hiring and retaining good talent is of utmost importance for the management.

Thus, we can confer that HR generalist is a hard working employee that looks after employee needs and keep the workplace in order by performing daily HR tasks with precision. They are the backbones of HR department and are hustlers.

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