File Tax Returns Under 7 Minutes With HROne

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*Drumrolls* please, we are here to make an announcement!

We have tied up with Cleartax to make filing an ITR as easy as ABC for you. While earlier HROne users were able to download Form-16 from their dashboards; now the users will be able to file Income tax in India using HROne quite effortlessly.

How HROne Users can file ITR using Cleartax?

We understand that there must be a lot of questions buzzing in your head related to income tax online payment. Calm the mess in your mind, as in the points below, we will tell you how exactly you can file the return using HROne. Take a look.

Step 1:

Login the HROne portal using your credentials. You will see a dashboard like so, wherein on the rightmost side bottom, you will see Form 16 and a direct link to Cleartax page.

File Tax Returns Under 7 Minutes With HROne 1

Step 2:

When you will click the tab for ITR e-filing, a page like this will appear.


Note: Don’t worry! No charges will be levied if you will not lead any assistance from a CA on how to calculate income tax and how to pay income tax online.

Step 3:

After that, you need to scroll down. While scrolling, you will, first of all, see three plans for getting an expert to help you save taxes and filing the return on your behalf.

File Tax Returns Under 7 Minutes With HROne 2

Below that, you will find another option which will schedule a 45-minute call with a Cleartax expert. The same will include advice, you will have to file the tax on your own.

File Tax Returns Under 7 Minutes With HROne 3

You can choose either of them or none.

Step 4:

Below that, you will find an option to file tax returns online using Cleartax. Click the tab


Step 5:

The link will lead you to a tax filing page wherein, you will first be asked to log in using Facebook or Gmail. As soon as you will login, you will be intimated about it via mail and this window will appear. You will be asked to upload Form 16 PDF. If in case, you don’t have one you can choose another option.


Step 6:

In this step, there will be two scenarios out of the two mentioned below on the basis of what you will choose i.e uploading the form 16 or filling it on the site.

Scenario 1
When you will upload the Form 16 PDF, it will fill the information required to file tax automatically from the form. After that, you will be directed to the government portal to file taxes without any hassle.

Scenario 2-
When you will opt to fill the form manually because you don’t have the PDF or any other reason, you will be led to a page like this. Herein, you should fill the information under each of the 5 tabs one by one. It is only after you have filled the form appropriately that you will be led to the governmental portal to file a tax return.


Note: We suggest you to fill form 16 available on HROne portal and then upload the same to complete the process swiftly, in legit 7 minutes or so.

That’s it! You will be done.

Here’s the reward

As mentioned on their site, e- filing tax returns using Cleartax also opens up an assured reward of upto Rs. 10,000 for you on online stores like Myntra, Book My Trip,, etc.

What’s more?

On the page, you also have a tax guide and tax tools like income tax calculator, HRA calculations, and many more.
We are expecting this tie-up to help our users and the companies in saving time, and money phenomenally. Let us know how did it help you.

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