5 Easy To Spot Signs Of A Bad Company Culture

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They say a company is as good as its people; we say a company is the one responsible for making its people good or bad for them. Let us explain how- A good company culture can help win more loyal and happier employees. The happier the employees, the better they are at their jobs.

On the other hand, when a company culture is bad, the employees stay unhappy and don’t perform to their full potential. This is why it becomes important to fix the same before it destroys your company.

However, before that, it is viable to understand where your company culture stands. In this blog, we share with you 5 easy to spot signs of bad company culture.

Negative Talks

The best way to spot a bad culture is this. When every step you take makes you overhear gigglings, gossips, derogatory remarks about colleagues, and things of this sort. The same doesn’t just make the environment negative but also diminishes the culture of the company.

This gives rise to small inner groups in the company who enjoy trash talk and bullying.

Picking up bad habits

Some bad habits, no matter where your employee(s) have picked them from, also build a bad culture. Habits like procrastination, negativity, tardiness, spread from one to another employee speedily and deteriorates the company culture ultimately. So, as a leader, you should induce positivity every time you are around them and keep them motivated. Also, on your part, make sure that you use the best payroll software in India so that you don’t end up delaying the payment of your employees. If you are not using one already, you can search “online payroll software India” to select one for your company.

Unhealthy Competition

Competitions are a great way to make employees more productive, however, when this turns into something that employees start using to demean each other, it becomes unhealthy. Find ways to let employees take competition in a healthy way so that this doesn’t become a cause of negativity in the organisation.

Lack of Empathy

There is nothing more uplifting than an employee genuinely caring about others. But, when the employees lack empathy, it leads to a downside. People are more likely to play the blame game, create hurdles for their colleagues instead of helping, understand and motivate them.

Focus on perks

Sometimes, the employees are only focused on the perks that the office gives and not the culture. This also means that the company culture is bad or not good enough. Perk focused workplace dooms at the time of financial crisis. So, you and your employees should not confuse the perks you give with the culture.

All the aforementioned points are the signs that the company culture is not at par. If your company shows even a single sign out of these, then you should work on eliminating the same. Apart from these, if the company employees lack team spirit or you find the engagement dropping, take it as a red flag. Remember, the negativity of any kind is still negative and harmful for your company, its people and you.

Good luck!

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