How Can Being Kind At Work Prove To Be Your Biggest ROI?

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Kindness is invaluable, however, in the corporate world, people are more likely to stomp each other so that they can climb up the ladder.  It is often said being kind in a world so brutal isn’t going to take you anywhere in life. On the contrary, being kind at work or in general has nothing to do with weakness or putting your growth to retrograde.

Instead, for those of you who don’t believe in being kind at the workplace, this may come off as a surprise that kindness, if not anything else, improves the productivity, reduces the sick leaves, increases the employee tenure and amplifies the feel-good factor. Clearly, kindness does help in ameliorating trust and gaining employee loyalty too!

The same is also backed by various researches, out of which, one also claims that companies whose leaders were kind had almost all the employees more kinder towards each other.

How can you become kinder intentionally?

Apathy and empathy are the two words that have lost meaning in today’s professional and personal setup. True achievement lies in taking your team along with you. Your motto should always be to motivate your team, make them rise and shine, and be there when they need your support emotionally, mentally or professionally.

Here are the itsy-bitsy things you can do to exuberate kindness and positivity.

  • Greet everyone with a smile.
  • Bring coffee for yourself and whoever wants one. 
  • Start using the word “thank you” more.
  • Help a colleague get the work done before his deadline.
  • Acknowledge the help. If you are a manager, highlight your team members’ effort in every task completed, instead of presenting it blatantly. 
  • Be a good listener who understands every viewpoint and asks how he can help.

How kindness can help your business?

Kindness can help a business in multifarious ways. Here are a few of them.

  • Kindness spreads like magic- Like a waterfall, kindness also spreads wherever it is present. Just like kids follow and imitate their parents, employees learn from their leaders. This is why when the leadership is kinder, the team automatically becomes their kindest self. 
  • Kindness makes employees more amiable- Employees who receive gratitude and kindness daily are more likely to help a colleague with his work, put extra efforts in their work and welcome new employees warmly. 
  • Kindness can brighten an employees’ day- We know that no man is an island but even a single person can make an impact. It is hard to realise what sort of battles each employee is going through in his life. While you may not be able to solve the problem, handing a tissue if someone is crying, bringing a coffee if someone is sad, giving them a compliment can make up for their bad day.
  • Kindness improves employee health- Apparently, a dose of kindness a day, keeps stress at bay. A performance management software can only help in improving the performance when an employee is in good spirits. Kindness at the workplace helps in making individuals feel more secure and safe in social relationships. It further prevents the unusual higher or lower heart rate and strengthens the immune system which also means fewer leaves! 
  • Kindness makes employees more productive- Employees are more likely to stay productive and engaged in work when they are treated well. The only way to anyway make an adult work harder is by being polite, making a request and being good to them in general. Reprimanding them like a kid, creating pressure, or being unrealistic anyway is of no use.

So, resolute today to adapt at least one of the act of kindness from this very moment and wait for it to spread! 

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