Beat The Monday Blues With An Experiential HCM Suite

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Monday Blues

Are you literally dragging yourselves to work every day or too tired to get out of bed and fight to go to the office? Actually, it doesn’t come as a surprise. It’s quite understandable that after an effervescent weekend blast, it is hard to sit on one chair for hours again? But, given that you spend over 60% of the daily waking hours at your workplace, you should definitely do something about it. Since most of the appointment letter formats shared with the new joiners state that “work is fun” and they expect the same, why not live up to their expectations?

Both as an employer and an employee, you can take several actions to make the work-life balance easier and better. But, the smartest initiative would be to implement a top-notch HCM suite in place. Yes, this system doesn’t only limit to performing HR functions, but it can also streamline basic activities of the employees to add excitement to their profession and chase away workplace evils like boredom, monotony, and inefficiency. 

For now, let us focus on the 7 sure-shot ways to beat the ‘Monday Blues’ and work towards attaining the bigger goal week-by-week. Have a look at the questions you can ask and answer yourselves: 

Got Your Monday Motivation Right?

Everyone needs a little push at work to make it to the end of every week with flying colors. If you think it can create a huge difference, you need to automate this process right away! Generate a mass mailer through your HRMS, customize & personalize it as per requirements and send it across the company. A few words of motivation auto sent on the very first day of every week will boost the workforce morale and get them recharged after an exhausting weekend.

How Happy Are You Today?

This is the most interesting feature that you can incorporate in your HCM suite. Asking your employees how they are feeling or how happy they are first thing in the morning can make you look considerate and thoughtful. Besides, they can reply anonymously to the questions on their “Monday Mood” and then track improvement in the same over the coming weeks. It will drive them towards creating their own happiness.

How About A First Day, First Show?

Make your employees compete to be the first one to reach the office or complete and submit certain tasks on Mondays. This will give them a reason to be energetic and upbeat. You can track everything using the HRMS that you have adopted and track & share the reports right away so that neither you nor they miss the show! So, just like it’s mentioned in the appointment letter format, use these reports later for Performance Management and Analysis. 

Why Not A Merry Monday Instead of Fun Friday?

Most of the organizations conduct fun activities on the last working day of the week- Friday/ Saturday. But, there is actually no point in doing so since employees already have their party plans set for the weekend. So, it would be more effective to organize a recreational event on Monday- the so-called “Blue Day” of the week. Now you can send reminders through the HRM software to get the employees excited for this surprise on every weekend.

Made Your Weekly Plan Yet?

Create a weekly planner every Monday on the HR software to track your daily activities for a week. Now, you can check your progress using the same and plan/ personalize the ways to achieve your set target as well.

Want To Share Your Weekend Story?

An HCM suite can also be used to publish stories about weekend plans in advance or share experiences from the bygone weekends on Monday. This will be fun for the co-workers and can give them numerous ideas. Apart from this, the excitement will keep them motivated to work throughout the week. 

Won The Monday V/S Friday Match?

In the end, you can always compare your mood, task completion, performance and other factors using the HRMS solution. Plus, don’t forget to ensure that the graph is only going upwards! 


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