11 Powerful Tips To 3x Your Employee Engagement

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Powerful Tips To 3X Your Employee Engagement

Over time, employee engagement has emerged as one of the most important HR and manager responsibilities. For employees are the drivers of organisational growth, if they aren’t engaged enough, achieving business goals would always remain a distant dream. An HR software can support this endeavor and help HRs in effectively managing employees but only when you set your employee engagement strategies right. 

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How to triple employee engagement

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According to one finding (from a credible source), an inclusive recognition program can 3x the employee engagement. Recognition is all about appreciating the contributions by everyone- Managers and Peers – on a weekly, monthly or even daily basis. Likewise, D&I reflects in your recognition efforts when every employee, their perspectives and skills are being seen. Read on 5 simple steps to achieve the same…

1. Highlight and develop strengths

Instead of emphasising on what’s wrong with a team member or team in every meeting or 1:1 check in; try acknowledging what’s working and what interpersonal or professional skills you appreciate in each person in the meeting. Something as simple as ‘Your time management skills are commendable’ can go a long way in motivating even the most underperforming employee to deliver more, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

How can HROne HR Software help?

HROne’s robust reward and recognition solution helps boost your workforce morale and drive mutual growth. It supports peer-to-peer recognition with badges and reward points. 

2. Provide networking and visibility opportunities

Supporting an employee’s career is a powerful way to show how much you value having him or her in your team or company. For instance, if you see the potential in one teammate, give them a chance to make and present a strategy in the meeting. Sharing relevant courses, workshops or the opportunity to interact with different departments and people to learn or enhance their skills is also an effective way. 

How can HROne HR Software help?

HROne’s virtual chat platform makes connecting, conversing and collaborating simple for employees. It’s secure, robust and easy to use.

3. Skills, Qualities, Daily actions- Take all into account

As a manager, don’t let the skills you value most become a reason for others to feel bad about their work capabilities and strengths. For instance, if you keep employees with marketing and automation skills in high regard, you would end up truly appreciating and considering them the most competent. Try changing your mindset, someone may not be as great in attributes you highly value but great in some other skill like writing and grammar. Highlighting personal qualities like persistence, or even little things like input or ideas shared in a meeting- all help. 

How can HROne HR Software help?

HROne’s Intuitive Insights Dashboard, and global built-in smart search feature can help in tracking, communicating and collaborating with the team in an optimised way.

4  Highlight contribution to senior leaders

Managers and peers both must value and highlight the effort of other employees in the company even if they are not directly working with each other. If you use an HR software, the R&R feature can be used to nominate the colleague and thank them. Besides, if this option is not available, writing a formal email appreciating their efforts keeping their manager, yours and other relevant people in cc is great too. 

How can HROne HR Software help?

With HROne, CXOs can leverage leadership board and 9 box matrix tool to identify the emerging talent in each department and amongst new hires.

5. Use emotional meter to keep a track of employee’s mood

A business is only as happy as its people (employees). Thus, it is important to gauge the happiness quotient of your employees and show how much you care for them. Get feedback on what made them feel good or bad on a particular day to ascertain employee happiness in the workplace.

How can HROne HR Software help?

With HROne Moodbot you can track your employees’ happiness quotient and add a humane element to your employee engagement strategy.

How to increase employee engagement amidst the pandemic

6. Gamify the process

Gamification involves using tools and HR software that sets small targets and achievement levels for employees and rewards them in some way. Such gamification at work amuses and motivates employees to perform better.

How can HROne HR Software help?

HROne launches topical campaigns time to time to help you garner more engagement at your workplace. For instance, HROneKaIPL, wherein, employees predicted the winner and received prizes every week from HROne.

7. Share feedback continuously-

As we lost human touch in this pandemic, to foster and maintain employee engagement levels, we must stay in touch with them virtually. Colleague to colleague and manager to team meetings or quick feedback calls every once in a while are important. This helps the employees in staying productive and also helps the company in listening to their employees’ needs.

How can HROne HR Software help?

HROne allows one to do self appraisal, organise review meetings, link initiatives with goals, one on one meetings coupled with 360 degree feedback increases transparency and empowers the manager to track progress in real time.

8. Create wellness catchup breaks-
Let the calls not be about and for work everytime, let the employees know you genuinely care about their well being. When you show emotional involvement, employees reflect it in the work they do for you. Try to schedule catch up calls once a week and talk about how is everyone in the family, what they are struggling with. Or even organise a fun online activity for them over a 15-20 minute coffee break. 

How can HROne HR Software help?

Social media like enterprise wall can be used to create a mix of workplace catchups methods. Those with access rights can share motivational or positive message in any form- video, text, and more.

More proven ways to improve remote employee engagement

9. Organise incentivised work related trivia to increase participation. This will help you increase the knowledge quotient of employees about the company in a fun way

10. Let employees decide their own timelines so that they deliver what they commit

11. Share knowledge through virtual meetings; everyone in the team can resolve to complete one course in a month and can decide a day to share their learning with each other

Make your Employee Engagement fun and easy!

Learn how HROne Employee Engagement software can help you automate Employee Engagement & stay 100% compliant!

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