Here’s Why Your Engagement Efforts Are Going Vain…

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Engaging employees is a relatively new concept for companies. Earlier, it has been about hiring the personnel and make him work. Because of the same, the attrition rate was high, productivity lower and the investment on employee training unfruitful. However, now the companies have started making apparent efforts to keep the employees happy and engaged. While the companies are putting efforts to engage their employees, they may not be finding any concrete effect of the same.

Nonetheless, we all know how important it is to engage employees beyond work. In-fact, keeping the employees tangled in just work increases the chances of employee burnout. Moreover, when an employee is not engaged, he is more likely to leave the company and go wherever he would feel more valued.

So, in this blog, let us see what leads to engagement and if you are missing any of these touch points.

  • Trust: The employees should be kept in the loop, whether its a problem or a solution, achievement or a failure, you must ask the employees for recommendations and share your happiness and sorrow with them. This is how an employee gets emotionally engaged.
  • Impact: Engagement also soars when the employee is given a chance to make an impact. For the same, you should make it a point to give employees the right resources, training and tools to be the best at what they do. Even performance management software can help in this context. The employee can measure his performance, identify the area he lacks in and work upon it while staying motivated to discover new and better ways to work.
  • Alignment: It is prudent to align the employee personal goals with the company goals. He should also get clarity as to how the role is aligned with his personal goals.
  • Empowerment: The employees should be empowered. Learn that micromanagement is a thing of past and give them responsibility for what they do; let them go autonomous so that they can learn and grow even more. When employees are empowered they feel more satisfied.
  • Recognition: The employees should be encouraged by their colleagues and management. If not verbally, you can also leverage the performance management software to give badges. Moreover, for the extra efforts, you should also appreciate them in front of everyone along with a token.
  • Development: The organisation facilitates engagement when employees get ongoing training to do their jobs proficiently; when employees can grow personally by updating their skills and learning different jobs; when employees have opportunities for professional development and there’s a clear and understandable career path.
  • Workplace: The environment of your workplace should be really inclusive. The managers, policies, perks and everything else should also be employee-friendly. In fact, the more the perks, the merrier. Even the little changes as simple as flexible scheduling, free lunches/ breakfasts, and giving away the vouchers can also help in keeping the employees happier and engaged.

The aforementioned things are the ones that can help you in increasing employee engagement phenomenally. So, look for yourself as to what you were missing on and make it a part of your engagement plan today! Also, don’t forget to take Hrone demo if you are looking for a PMS.

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