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Warning Letter

Watching your employees go off-track? Use the HROne warning letter sample as blinkers to keep them focused on work and with absolute zero distractions.

Save yourselves from creating 100s of different warning letters everyday! Choose our one-shot warning letter template for free and customize it as per your requirements.

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Key Highlights

We bring a thoroughly drafted warning letter format for you to tweak it a little every time and share it just the way you want!
Make sure your employees don’t freak out at the first sight of it. Warn them, but keep it subtle by mentioning the 4 essentials of a warning letter:

What is a Warning Letter?


A warning letter to employee is an important document that an employer issues to inform about his/her intolerable and unacceptable conduct in the organization. Thus, this document is also known as an employee behavior warning letter. The main reasons behind this kind of warning are:

  • Poor Performance
  • High Absenteeism or Tardiness
  • Behavioral issues
  • Anti-social activities

“Poor workplace cultures lead to a 157% increase in the incidence rate of moderate to severe burnout.” – 2019 employee engagement and loyalty statistics

Why is a warning letter important?

Straight out firing or even taking disciplinary action is not the right way to tackle employee misconduct. This is where the warning letter comes into picture. After receiving this admonition employees become aware of the consequences and start to behave/keep up. Besides, an employee terminated without an intimidation or caution can sue the employer for violation of the employment contract.

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