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Time Attendance Policy

Every employer loves a punctual and regular workforce. To ensure the same, draft an elaborate time & attendance policy with HROne as per the industry standards and your company requirements.

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Key Highlights

The time & attendance policy of HROne includes all-inclusive points that make the adherence simple and clear for the employees. The main elements of the policy include:

What is a Time & Attendance Policy?


In an organizational set-up, employees are expected to follow certain protocols pertaining to time management. For instance, reporting to work on time, going by the assigned shift and schedule, punching in and out of the system at a given time, maintaining a percentage of monthly attendance, using only credited leaves and so on. To get updated with all the norms revolving around time & attendance, this policy is formulated.

“People who track their time use daily are 66% accurate, while those who track weekly are 47% accurate. Meanwhile, those who prepare their timesheets less than once per week are only 35% accurate.” – 2020 Market Share Analysis and Data

Why is a Time & Attendance Policy important?

The ultimate goal of any organization is to increase the business numbers in terms of performance and productivity. This can only be achieved if the workforce is dedicated and on the dot! So, time & attendance policy is drafted to preserve the importance of punctuality and regularity in the organization. Moreover, the compliance to this policy reveals employee conduct.

If there is one thing that can streamline the employees’ punctuality and regularity in the organization, it is an attendance management software. HROne offers the best module to manage the time & attendance efficiently.

So, right here, HROne gives you a sample of the time & attendance policy format to download for free!