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Rewards & Recognition Policy

Employees put in so much effort and hard work in making your business a success. But quite often all this goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Creating a Rewards and Recognition Policy is the first step towards changing the same.

Make use of HROne’s way of creating reward & recognition policy by downloading a sample for free.

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Key Highlights

There are a few points that make the Reward and recognition policy self-explanatory and wholesome such as:

What is a Reward & Recognition Policy?


A reward & recognition policy is a compendium of rules that the employer plans to abide by and also uses to state the level of support it needs in making it a success. The reward and recognition program works on the guidelines laid out in this policy. The intent of this policy is to document the approach the company has decided to make their employees feel valued and heard. The same helps in attracting and retaining the best talent.

“63% of employees who are recognized are very unlikely to look for a new job”- Source: HR Technologist

Why is a Reward and Recognition Policy important?

A reward and recognition policy is important to appreciate the efforts and hard work that employees put in. It helps reassure the employees how valued they are. Not only does it help keep the employees happy, engaged and motivated but also helps the employer achieve their business goals at a faster pace.

Streamlining reward and recognition program can be easier with HROne’s robust engagement software. It ensures everyone is seen and appreciated continuously and instantly so that the productivity never drops.

In order to reward and recognition for your employees timely and let everyone know how they can leverage the program optimally, download the free HROne Rewards and Recognition Policy PPT in editable format. Note: Reward points and recognition titles are tentative, you can edit them as per the program you consider the best for your company.