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Redunacy Letter – Termination Due To Redundancy

Good-bye is heartbreaking for the employer as much as it is for the employees. So, bid adieu in the most subtle yet formal way possible with HROne.

If you have to tell them you already have what you need or you don’t need them anymore, use the perfect HROne redundancy letter template for free.

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We bring to you the standard sample for creating an easy and quick redundancy notice letter to stay away from hours of documentation.
But, before sharing the letter ahead, ensure it has the necessary details as mentioned below:

What is a Redundancy Termination Letter?


When an employer dismisses or involuntarily terminates an employee due to a redundant employee or his/her job role, it is called termination due to redundancy.

The main reasons for terminating an employee because of redundancy include:

  • Economic conditions
  • Business efficiency
  • Technological developments, etc.

It is an announcement that an employer no longer needs or wishes the employee (or anyone else) to continue the job that he/she was doing in the organization.

“More than half of employees were willing to go to a competing firm in search of a better culture, and 48% said they’d consider working a 60 hour week in exchange for a better culture.” – Speakap

Why is a redundancy termination letter important?

Termination of employment by the reason of redundancy is an outcome of a recent review which shows that a particular job position or role is no longer required in the organization. There could be alternatives for the employees to take up in place of their former role. It is important to issue this letter so that employment is not abruptly terminated and the employer’s decision doesn’t seem unfair to the concerned employee. Moreover, this written notice keeps the employer out of legal troubles in the future.

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So, download the free HROne sample redundancy letter now, and save yourselves from half of the employee exit nuisances.