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Performance Management Policy

What counts the most in any organization is the employee show, their productivity numbers and performance. That’s why it is so important to formulate and keep track of the execution & output of the work being done.

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Key Highlights

Before you start customizing the performance management policy as per your company requirements, make sure that it covers the following key points:

What is a Performance Management Policy?


In order to manage the performance of employees, a framework is prepared within which all the procedures are mentioned that the employees have to follow. This set of declarations and protocols is known as performance management policy.

“Teams with high employee engagement rates are 21% more productive and have 28% less internal theft than those with low engagement.” – Gallup

Why is a Performance Management Policy important?

Drafting an appropriate performance management policy is important to meet the strategic objectives of an organization by aligning employees, resources, and systems. Tracking and managing employee goals & targets through KPIs is the best way to optimize business numbers.

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Since defining these procedures is so necessary, make sure you do it right the first time! Download performance manageHROne