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Non Disclosure Agreement-Channel Partners /Customers

Mutual understanding and confidentiality is the key to long-term business relationships.

Issue a well-drafted non-disclosure agreement sample to your clients, customers, partners, and investors to ensure protection of private/sensitive information of the company.

Use the perfect NDA template by HROne to create this crucial document right, right away.

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Key Highlights

The HROne format of Non Disclosure Agreement comes with all the in-depth clauses and legal statements to be signed by the recipient.
The non disclosure agreement includes abundance of information and secrecy undertakings to stay away from legal troubles such as:

What is a Non Disclosure Agreement for Channel Partners and Customers?


When a founder or CXO shares confidential information outside of the organization, they issue a non disclosure agreement to the external party to protect this private information and their business. This document has a great legal value making the consequences of ‘breach of trust’ extremely rigid.

89% of employees said disjointed digital communication tanks employee morale, lowers productivity, puts jobs at risk, and impacts customer experience and the bottom line.” – RingCentral

Why is a Non Disclosure Agreement for Channel Partners and Customers important?

Non disclosure agreements issued to the channel partners, customers, clients, and investors are of high importance since these external parties hold a lot of confidential data due to the nature of the work and relationship. The document clearly defines all the limitations and restrictions that the third-party must follow to continue the business bond.

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