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No Objection Certificate

Too much intervention can be suffocating sometimes! Tell your employees they have a free will.

There are times when your workforce needs your permission and support to pursue another venture. Since the document is official, prepare a standard No Objection Certificate using the HROne NOC format to stay out of any legal troubles in the future.

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Key Highlights

Before you plan to say “Yes” to the employee and give them a green signal to proceed with the said undertaking, make sure the main components of NOC are mentioned in it such as:

What is a No Objection Certificate?


NOC, short for No Objection Certificate is a legal document that confirms the approval of the issuer on having no objection with the covenants of the letter body. In organizations and other areas of work, no objection certificate from employer is provided to declare that the subject employee has been granted permission by the concerned authority to begin the mentioned course of action as per his/ her convenience without the intervention of a third party.

“More than 10% of employees would take a salary decrease each year to work with an environmentally friendly and socially responsible employer”. – 2019 Employee Engagement/Retention Statistics

Why is a No Objection Certificate important?

As the name suggests, the NOC format from employers is an affirmation that they have “No Objection” if an existing employee decides to discontinue the current employment, joins another organization and undertakes other assignments.

No Objection Certificate is used by the employees as a proof of employment while applying for another job, as an authorization to work with another organization and as an evidence of appropriate conduct and no dues pending with the previous employer.

Not just employee exit, the HROne workforce management software takes care of the entire employee lifecycle from employee confirmation to separation. So, switch to HROne today and avail the best HR features.

Get your free copy of Employee NOC Letter Template by HROne. Enjoy hassle-free and quick drafting of the No Objection Certificate.