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An internship is a short-term work experience that a student gets with an organization immediately after they become a graduate or during their graduation. They get real exposure to an office environment and get to learn soft skills such as communication skills, presentation skills, real problem solving, and more.It can also be considered as a trailer for them before they enter into the big corporate world.

From graduates to MBA’s, media personnel, etc., all are eligible for internship. An internship can last between a week to six months. Internships are helpful in getting a permanent job. Infact,  most interns get hired by the same company if they perform well.

Do You Know- According to a research by LiveCareer, 78 percent of interns said that they acquired useful professional experience.

An internship helps you to show a glimpse of what a student will do for the rest of his life. Today, it has become a norm that every student must intern under some company as the students with internship experience have a better chance at hiring.

Types of Internship 

Types of internship are many but here are the most common ones: 

  • Paid Internship: Interns get a stipend for their hard work and dedication in this internship. 
  • Student Internship: This internship is appropriate for students who want to work and upskill while doing their regular college. Students usually do this to gain experience that in turn helps them to crack their dream job just after graduation/post-graduation. 
  • Virtual Internship: Virtual internships, also known as remote/online internships have become quite popular after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. Such internships do not need the physical presence of a person.

Do You Know- According to stats, 77 percent of interns prefer a paid internship.

Benefits of Internship 

The top five internship benefits are as follows: 

Job Experience 

Completing graduation/PG with considerable working experience can benefit an individual in so many ways. Not to forget, employers consider such candidates over others who just have a degree to show. 

In simpler terms, doing internships is not just an efficient way to understand how companies work and carry out their vital processes but also to fill your skill gap.

Do You Know- Over 93 percent of interns said that they performed menial tasks at some point during their internships.

Improves Confidence

People usually start internships with little to no knowledge about anything but end it with utmost awareness and confidence. This is certainly because internships help people to know their strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes. Needless to say, when a person has an experience letter of three/six months in hand, s/he will be very confident while applying for a job or giving interviews after college. 

Builds Networks 

As a wise man once said, “Your network is your net worth”. 

Internships help students to attend meetings/gatherings, meet new people, and interact with them along the way. This in turn helps them to make some valuable professional connections and networks that can benefit them in the future. 

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. One needs to be super-active and stand out from the crowd to build networks. 

Improves Your Resume 

Employees consider interned candidates differently. Students who take a step ahead, get out of their comfort zone and intern with an organization are often seen as responsible, hardworking, and determined. This will not just help you stay ahead of the competition but also get selected in one go.

Do You Know- Internship experience has been shown to be the #1 factor influencing employer hiring decisions.

Provides Opportunity For Full-Time Job 

When employers see an intern adapting well to the working environment, their team members, and putting his/her best efforts, they often give them a permanent position. All you need to do is deliver excellent work and be dedicated/responsible during the internship. 

How Can You Find Internship Jobs? 

Now that you have a clear picture of internship advantages, it is time for you to know how to find one. 

Finding an internship job is not that difficult today. Here are some of the top internship websites where college students can easily find an internship job: 

  • Internshala 
  • LinkedIn
  • StuMagz
  • Twenty19
  • Intern World 
  • HelloIntern

Do You Know- A May 2012 study showed that students who completed an internship earned about 15 percent more on average than those who did not do an internship.

So, that is everything you need to know about internships. 

In essence, doing an internship is one of the best things you can do for your career.

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