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Performance Improvement Plan Form

What’s better than getting a second chance to stay in an organization? Give your employees an opportunity to improve their performance and prove themselves using the perfect PIP form template by HROne.

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Key Highlights

Performance Improvement Plan form has a few important points that should necessarily be kept in the document such as:

What is a Performance Improvement Plan Form?


The Performance Improvement Plan facilitates constructive discussion between an employee and his/her supervisor by identifying the exact area of work that requires improvement. A PIP form is the document that is issued to the employee as a warning or notice to improve their show within the stipulated time. Else, strict actions are taken in case of failure to achieve the goals defined under PIP.

“Companies that implement regular employee feedback have turnover rates that are 14.9% lower than for employees who receive no feedback.” – HR Daily Advisor

Why is a Performance Improvement Plan Form important?

The performance improvement plan form is important as it helps to delineate important factors revolving around the performance of the employee and it can be enhanced.

Worried about the declining productivity and performance of your employees? HROne brings the right formula to nurture talent into a high performing workforce in the form of Performance Management Software. Goal settings, feedback, reviews, reporting & analytics, etc. are some of the main features of HROne’s PMS.

Download a free sample of customizable PIP template by HROne that you can use to uplift the employee performance in your organization.