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Travel Expense Reimbursement Form

Facilitate reimbursements to employees who travel for business purposes. Choose the travel expense reimbursement form template by HROne and streamline the whole process in a jiffy.

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Key Highlights

For smooth payments, the reimbursement form must necessarily have the following key pointers:

What is a Travel Expense Reimbursement Form?


A document that delineates business travel-related costs,using which the travel expense claims are raised and reimbursed is known as travel expense reimbursement form.

“India (11.3%) and Indonesia (8.7%) are the two countries with the fastest-growing business travel markets.” – Global Business Travel Association

Why is a Travel Expense Reimbursement Form important?

The travel expense reimbursement form is important to assist employees to claim travel reimbursements for any reasonable and necessary travel expenses incurred as a result of business requirement. The policy enables employees to exercise sound judgment when incurring and requesting for reimbursement related to travel expenses. This policy represents the minimum standard that employees must follow when they incur, review or seek reimbursement for business travel expenses

Now you can auto-approve expense reimbursement requests, address every fallout related to expense policies, receipts, payouts using HROne’s Expense Management Software. Also get the expenses simplified and controlled for a hassle-free management.

Check out the free sample template of the form by HROne to ease the process of expense reimbursement due to business travel.