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Contractual Employment Agreement

Studies reveal that long-term business relationships often end on a bitter note but short-term commitments are healthy and twice more fruitful.

This is why employers are in favour of contractual employment for special requirements and time-bound project deliverables.

HROne lets you download an employment contract template free of cost to let the employees know all the terms & conditions of the contract.

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Key Highlights

All the detailed clauses and legal statements to be signed by the recipient are there in the HROne contractual employment agreement sample.
The contract employee agreement template includes all the necessary information and undertakings so that there is no confusion once the employee has signed it:

What is a Contractual Employment Agreement?


A contractual employment agreement is a formal/legal document issued when the employees are hired for a short period of time, i.e., contract-based. Such relations are built to complete a particular assignment or a special job within a stipulated time. When the employer and the employee indulge in a contractual agreement, i.e., employment on a contractual basis, the latter has to sign and agree to the terms and conditions of the former.

“Workers with access to collaborative work management software were 85% more likely to identify as happy in the workplace.” – Wrike

Why is a Contractual Employment Agreement important?

A contractual employment agreement issued to employees is extremely important because the ones working for a short period of time hold a lot of confidential data due to the nature of the work and relationship. So, the contractual employee must follow all the limitations, restrictions, terms and conditions that the document clearly defines in order to continue to work with the organization.

Once the contractual employment starts, there are a host of tasks to be done to manage the employees. Do you want to make it easier for yourselves? HROne brings the perfect workforce management software which is fit for managing any type of employees, be it part-time, contractual or full-time.

So, you can go ahead and download the free HROne contract employee agreement template right away and give these contract-based employees all the information they need to know before accepting to work with you.