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Claim Reimbursement Policy

Your employees working offsite are counting on you! Make sure they get repaid fairly and timely after making expenses for important business requirements.

Choose HROne’s claim reimbursement policy to take note of the standard procedure to be followed while paying them back.

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Key Highlights

As you decide on the necessary protocols to reimburse the offsite workforce, take the following must-have pointers into consideration:

What is a Claim Reimbursement Policy?


An employee claim reimbursement policy is a set of procedures that the employees must stick to so that they can get repaid for all the necessary business-related expenses that they incur. It includes the travel charges during work, business lunches & dinners, purchasing work-related supplies, and other expenses made during the off site working hours.

“Nearly 46% of organizations do not track the cost to process expense reports. 43% of companies are still managing expense reporting manually.” – Annual T&E Outlook & Benchmarks

Why is a Claim Reimbursement Policy important?

For an efficient administration of employee expense reports and to avoid any lags in the reimbursement of the payments, a claim reimbursement policy is thoroughly drafted by employers. It also helps in defining corporate culture, and maintaining trust between the employer and employees.

If you are struggling with managing the employee expenses, dealing with errors, double entries or frauds, thn switch to HROne’s Expense Management Software. It makes expense management as easy as pie and increases flexibility with smart check.

So, to streamline the reimbursement of employees working offsite, download the free HROne claim reimbursement policy sample now!