Republic Day Virtual Celebration Ideas

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Republic Day Virtual Celebration Ideas

Before pandemic, Republic Day was celebrated with a different fervor. Dressed in tricolor, hoisting the flag and tapping our foot on patriotic songs, and relishing the sweets and snacks. 

However, this year, due to pandemic, we celebrate one of our national festivals-Republic Day virtually with our teams and other office colleagues.

But, let’s not make our Republic Day celebrations colorless and add some tinge of patriotism with Republic Day virtual celebration ideas, as mentioned further in the blog.

Republic Day Virtual Celebration Ideas

Republic Day celebrations fulfill the objectives of employee engagement, increase employees’ productivity by giving them a break to celebrate and enjoy with their colleagues, improve the collaborative approach in the organization, and keep the feeling of patriotism alive.

Every organization has different ways to celebrate depending on its work culture and enthusiasm. So, we have created a list containing Republic Day virtual celebration ideas suitable for every organization. Pick the one that best suits you!

Republic Day Celebration Ideas
Republic Day Virtual Celebration Ideas 1

Virtual Republic Day Ceremony

  • Plan a virtual celebration for Republic Day on your favorite communication platform
  • Design presentation with series of events like flag hoisting, ancient speeches, videos related to the constitution of India, and many more 
  • Request a person in the office to act as emcee and conduct the event with a mixture of rituals, fun, and celebration
  • Seniors can hoist the flag at premises with a proper code of conduct and share the screen with others to be part of Republic Day.

Tip: Use HRMS software to communicate the plans and ideas of Republic Day celebration ideas in the office. You can also request employees to suggest some ideas using the survey feature.

Showcase Your Region

  • Employees are working from remote places, so you can request them to dress, speak, sing or tell anything about the region they are presently working in
  • To rejoice  the feeling of unity in diversity, virtual Republic Day Celebration might include speaking sessions related to leaders of the particular location of employees.
  • Request employees to click their snaps while they dress up in the unique attire of their region and submit you so that you can compile them in video and celebrate the occasion.
  • Organize a virtual food contest where everybody cooks their exceptional food and has them together like a virtual potluck

Tip: Upload celebration videos, best recipes, unique attire descriptions on the enterprise feed wall of your HRMS software after the event so that employees can cherish memories.

National Quiz Trivia

  • Brush up the knowledge of your employees by conducting quiz competitions in a video conferencing
  • Distribute reward points for online shopping or dine in to winners 
  • Either you can ask employees about the topics or choose by yourself like-freedom fighters, the constitution of India, Fundamental rights, any matter related to Republic Day
  • Name your quiz differently, create multiple fun rounds, divide participants into teams and do anything you think can make Quiz Trivia different and more enjoyable

Tip: Badge your winners, reward them and announce active participants differently on the company’s social media handles to boost employee branding.

Discuss, Pledge and Act

  • Conducting open discussion sessions with your employees can be one of the great Republic day virtual celebration ideas.
  • Discussion on social challenges, current roadblocks in the country’s progress, past to future of India and many relatable topics can be conducted.
  • Pledging to work towards making better India can turn your virtual celebration into CSR initiatives or can provide you hints to act socially responsible citizen in future
  • Invite some of the political leaders or social activists to join your employees in the virtual meet to motivate your employees to make a better country.

Tip: Make sure discussions help you in taking actionable decisions and making the experience of your employees satisfactory, thereby increasing employee engagement.

Revisit Memory Lane

  • In pre-pandemic times, the Republic Day celebrations used to be grand. Revisit and try to mimic the activities virtually. Request your employees to share the photos of previous years and share their experiences to relive the older days of Republic day celebrations in the office
  • With the help of virtual platforms, reminiscing memories can become easy as you can play games or share the best things of pre-pandemic times interactively.

Tip: With your HRMS software, you can check the emotional pulse of your employees after the virtual event by sending them survey forms or with the help of a moodbot.

Patriotic Musical Evening

  • Music was always part of the rich heritage of India and is one of the best sources to connect many hearts, so conduct the musical evening for your employees.
  • Organize antakshari of the patriotic songs by inviting your employees and pre-informing to prepare patriotic songs for the same
  • Bands involved in performing national songs or virtual concerts can be invited for a soothing patriotic evening
  • Among your employees, there might be people who sing well or play well, request the before the event to have kind of jugalbandi event in Republic day celebration

Tip: Send the song list of patriotic songs and invitation cards for a unique musical evening right in the inbox of your employees with the help of the best HRMS software.

Tricolor Game Night

  • Conduct the game night and play different games but all associated with Republic India or rounds that can add the flavor of patriotism 
  • Different games like online Pictionary, puzzles games, word search, and many others can be played with the help of various applications available online
  • Organize creative art and craft games, virtual treasure hunt, guess the leaders, and other similar innovative games
  • Send requests to your employees so that those who have better knowledge related to the social, political, and economic diversity of India can prepare themselves and act as the referee in these games

Tip: Tricolor games can be organized as a daily quiz. As the employee’s login, a pop-up can appear with a question, and every correct answer can help them win a few points. Winners can be announced during Republic day celebrations.

Wrapping Up

Republic day holds a special place in the hearts of every Indian citizen, and its celebration is unique in its own way. Isn’t it a great privilege to live in a republic and democratic country like India – the kind that allows you to express yourself freely? Virtual or in-premise the celebration must be a splendid one!

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