Part 1: The Most Engaging Email Templates Recruiters Must Use

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Recruitment is all about communication with the existing and potential candidates. Emailing, calling, texting- all of them are a part of recruiter’s chore. While recruiters are quite accustomed to doing all of these, there is a tone set for writing and talking to the professional on the line. And, let’s accept the fact that the individuals looking for a job are quite done with hearing and reading that same thing time and again. Because of the same, they may skip your call or mail altogether or not pay any heed to it.

What you require in a candidate-driven market is to make your calls and emails sound different than the rest of the recruiters. Coming up with a creative and engaging email every time is a task. It will consume your time every single time you will send an email.

So, let us keep the call part for some other time and talk about email writing. In this blog, we show you the email template examples you can use for various scenarios you will come across as a recruiter.

Tip: Keep it short, include the necessary details but don’t forget to keep the tone casual to make your email stand out.

Sourcing a candidate:

Customizing the email is necessary at this stage as you are approaching the candidate for the first time. If he will not feel important, he may not even bother to revert. So, keep the tone casual and friendly. Add a call to action in the end. Give the candidate a reason to get back to you.


I stumbled upon your profile on _______. Honestly, I was quite impressed with the experience, skills and zeal you have. As your profile showcases, we consider you to be a great fit for the job opening we have.
Tell me a good time to connect; let’s know you better and introduce our company to you.

Scheduling an interview

Don’t state the schedule bluntly, remember to keep the tone casual!


We are glad to receive your application for the position of ________. Your profile seems to be a good fit for the same. I am looking to take your application forward, can we have a quick call around ____ to discuss your profile, the role we have and of course our company?

Send an assignment

Stick to keeping the email informative. Give instructions for doing the assignment. In these kinds of emails, personalisation is least required.


As a part of the hiring process, we have sent an assignment in the attachment. We expect you to perform as per the instructions mentioned below-
This test will help us analyse your skills in a better way. We expect you to send the answers by _.
Should you have any questions, feel free to reach me anytime.

Inviting for the interview

If the candidate has been selected for the interview, you will have to send a mail inviting the candidate for the interview. Here is an example for your reference.


Your work samples and assignment were found to be (satisfactory/excellent). So, our hiring manager is looking forward to having an interview with you. The concerned person would be available on _______. Please let us know if you will able to make it on_______?

If yes, I will send you a calendar invite soon so as to block the calendar our the manager too.
Looking forward to meeting you. We are sure you will be able to impress the manager with your candidature.

All the best!

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