Mobile Recruiting: What it is and How it Works?

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Mobile Recruiting

Mobile has become a crucial part of our everyday lives. With rising of smartphones it’s not just a communications tool anymore – it’s helping in improving almost every part of our lives, including our careers. Nowadays mobile devices don’t just help people in working, but also in applying for new jobs. This has led to the rise of mobile recruiting, a trend that’s quickly gaining momentum among employers and employees both.

What is Mobile Recruiting?

When there was little-to-no technology in business, HR departments used to recruit using letters written on company’s letterheads. As technology started playing a part in businesses, the letters were replaced by phone calls and emails. Now in smartphone era this is changing to mobile recruiting as companies are utilizing new technologies built for today’s popular mobile platforms to recruit their desired candidates. From mobile career sites to social recruiting, there’re a whole lot of new technologies to make this trend wildly successful among companies and candidates. Let’s learn about how each of them works.

Mobile Apps

First of all there’re mobile apps of all popular job portals in Play Store and App Store. With help of such apps candidates can apply to any job posting easily without the need of a laptop.

Mobile Career Sites

These are ideal solutions for those who may not want to install the apps of job portals on their smartphones for any reason. Many popular job portals have come out with mobile versions of their sites, which can be used by candidates to look up job postings and apply for them from the mobile device itself. Such websites usually bypass the requirements of resume and other attachments with help of social media sites and some other means to make application process easier.

Text-Based Recruiting

HR departments are also using texting as a way to attract talent. Nowadays candidates often receive text messages from companies regarding opportunities relevant to their career as they become available.

Social Recruiting

With their growing popularity, social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have also emerged as major recruitment software for companies. And since these platforms are used on mobile devices more often than on laptops or desktops, here again, mobile comes into the picture.


With smartphone penetration destined to increase even more in the next few years, mobile recruiting will turn out to be a major game changer for HR industry. It’ll allow quick communication and access to a very wide pool of talent, so companies and candidates both must prepare themselves for it.

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