ESS Making Employees More Accountable & Workspace More Transparent

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It is seen that most basic tasks are usually time consuming with little value. But such documents or tasks are vital for the smooth functioning of workspace. Technology has helped us greatly in performing tasks better and faster and HR technology has been the pioneer in upgrading and managing the workspace for better. Employee-self-service is part of one of the many tools of the great HR software and helps simplify basic tasks of employees. ESS has emancipated employees and has given them control of managing their data’s, payroll and leave and attendance themselves. HR on the other hand is now involved in talent recruitment, nurturing and engagement that help in company growth and structuring.

ESS is part of the appealing UX design of HR software that is meant to improve employee efficiency by having features such as personal information, banking information, payroll, leave and attendance, announcements that acts as a notice board, reimbursements, healthcare and other facilities and so on in one profile. Each employee has their set of information that they can edit and upgrade.

ESS can be accessed anywhere anytime through the software app available on your mobile phone. Everything is real-time and removes the bottleneck that was once faced by the HR teams in workspaces with large number of employees. It makes the process seamless and transparent where both employer and employees are satisfied and do not feel cheated.

Some key problem solving done with using ESS is:

  • Automating granular tasks and shedding unnecessary load on HR.
  • Employees become accountable for their own actions as they handle their own grievances and aspect of profile through ESS.
  • More employee satisfaction.
  • It is secure documentation with password security for each employee. Management on the other hand has all the access and are main harbingers.
  • Cost reduction- ESS portal helps make office paperless and composite data collector.
  • Data quality gets improved and is well integrated with other departments.

Key factors to keep in mind when buying HRMS:

Some peace of advice and caution once the ESS is implemented.

  • Invest time in training:

Pay attention at the time of HR software implementation training. Even after an appealing and easy to use UX design employees need training. They need to be explained how the software will benefit them in their day-to-day life. Motivate them to embrace technology and ditch old practices.

  • Establish security:

Management should make sure that the HRMS has stringent and tight security parameters. It should trigger red alerts and approvals sign automatically whenever there is a slight danger of security breach by any entity.

Thus, we can easily conclude that ESS is the new normal in workplace and soon a necessity.

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