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Contractual Employment Service Agreement

Contractual employment are such short-term relationships that can do wonders for a businessman in a small time that sometimes long-term bonds cannot.

Thus, it is important to clearly mention each and every clause of the terms and conditions involved in the contract.

This is where HROne can help you. Download our employment contract template and save hours of drafting this elaborate document again & again.

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Key Highlights

The HROne format of Contractual Employment Service Agreement comes with all the in-depth clauses and legal statements to be signed by the recipient.
The employment contract sample includes abundance of information and secrecy undertakings to stay away from legal troubles such as:

What is a Contractual Employment Service Agreement?


When two parties (the employer and the employee) indulge in a contractual relationship, i.e., employment on a contractual basis, the latter has to sign and agree to the terms and conditions of the former. This official/legal document is known as the contractual employment service agreement. Such jobs are usually for a specified period of time and ends upon completion of the assigned project/task.

“More than 50% of workers envision themselves being in a long-term career at an organization, and more than a third who regret accepting a job offer planned to quit within 12 months.” – Gartner

Why is a Contractual Employment Service Agreement important?

A contractual employment service agreement issued to the employee is of high importance since the external party, in this case, the employee, works for a short period of time and holds a lot of confidential data due to the nature of the work and relationship. So, the document clearly defines all the limitations, restrictions, terms and conditions that the contractual employee must follow to continue the work.

Planning to recruit employees on a contractual basis? No worries, even if it is a full-time or part-time position, a long-term or a contractual relationship, HROne is there for you! Use the recruitment management software by HROne and forget all the hiring, onboarding, and joining worries.

You can download the free HROne contract employee agreement template in one tap and give the employees all the necessary information beforehand as you begin to work with them.