Hurrah! HROne Badged as The Leader Asia Pacific for Winter 2022!

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Asia Pacific For Winter 2022

With the dream to make the Indian HR tech industry globally competitive, HROne has always been a forerunner. From launching a series of exceptional features to serving businesses of all sizes, the HCM company has established its footprint in almost every sector today. 

For all of these reasons, the company was recently recognized as the “Leader Asia Pacific for Winter 2022” by the prestigious review site G2. 

For the unintended, the company over the past few years has associated with more than 200 companies across 10+ states. It has played a vital role in building future-ready businesses. 

HROne got this recognition, for its significant contribution to the HR community, particularly in the COVID times. 

All that said, let’s dig deeper into the blog and take a closer look at HROne’s progression in the last two years: 

  • The HROne mobile application now acquires over 15 percent more logins on a regular basis as compared to the web application
  • The LinkedIn platform of HROne is expanded 5x in the year 2021 due to a host of effective campaigns and new strategies
  • 95 percent of customers rated the HROne support team 9.5/10! This is certainly because they worked hand-in-hand and stood with users in every circumstance. Split in three, there are ticket solvers, product training people, and a team making sure the community know how to utilize the new features to their benefit
  • To simplify the user experience, the company has been brainstorming, prioritizing, and adding a unique set of new features every month 
  • The onboarding team did 200+ implementations – in a remote setup as well as within the expected turnaround time of the client
  • Likewise, HROne grew 2x more due to the increased demand to streamline and digitize operations, their excellent product, and the well-informed sales team

Need to mention, when companies across India were figuring out ways to keep their businesses alive in the Corona pandemic, HROne was busy counting their achievements. 

So, here are some incredible accomplishments of HROne:

  • 50,000 + letters generated 
  • 1 Lakh + performance reviews were done 
  • 5 Lakh + badges and 10 lac+ rewards were disbursed
  • 50 lac+ salaries generated 
  • 1 crore+ tasks were finished in Inbox
  • The company also added a brand new module to its HR software for managing asset 
  • 2 cricket fantasy leagues were designed and conducted 
  • One Woman’s day campaign 
  • 30 new analytics 
  • 500+ new tasks 
  • 300+ new features 
  • And the list continues… 

All through these years, HROne’s relentless struggle has been towards inclusive HR services, and in the process, they came forward with robust features and practices to provide a top-notch user experience. In terms of technology, the company certainly has been a trendsetter. 

Not to forget, Mr. Karan Jain, who has been at the helm of HROne, has steered the company towards better performance and profitability by relying on a comprehensive approach, leveraging on the power of technology, and focusing on users’ needs. 

In essence, HROne is a compatible performer in the HR tech industry at present time. So, the felicitation of being badged “The Leader Asia Pacific for Winter 2022” by G2 is a fruit of the hard work and determination of the company. But, this is certainly the beginning as “The best in HROne is yet to come.”

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