Here’s Why You Should Encourage Your Employees To Take Leaves

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No matter how good the leave policy of a company is, the employees will always feel hesitant to ask for a leave. It is because taking leave even when the employee is entitled to the same is seen as something wrong. This culture is prevalent across India, the manager would always raise a hair or two whenever an employee would request for a leave. 

However, we don’t consider leaves the bad evil, at least not as much as they are considered to be. Maybe, the employers just need to see all this from a different angle. So, in this blog, we tell you why you should not discourage but encourage the employees to take leaves. Let us see.

What leaves mean to the employees?

We all work in a very competitive market. There are deadlines, ad-hoc tasks and a lot of other things contributing to increasing the stress level of the employees. We all need some time out from our conventional jobs to rejuvenate ourselves. To this, you may argue that there are Saturdays and Sundays. But, these offs are more like the time given to balance the personal life, give time to family and friends. Even the weekends are occupied and not actually enough to be at peace. There is always a lot of humdrum around. When employees take leave to go on a vacation or in a weekday, they get to recharge themselves. They come the next day with a better mood and in a better position to work. So, never see it as lost productivity but more of quality work.

How will the leaves benefit the employee?

As told earlier, the monotonous work life keeps the employees stressed all the time long. Some employees in companies even work on a shift basis or rotational shifts which disturbs the whole of their biological cycle and personal life badly. All this is enough to hit the rates of lower employee satisfaction. Clearly, this does impact the revenue of the company too as it is the employees who do the work and when the employee is not happy you know how happy your business would be.

You cannot change the shifts or the work but what you can do is be good to them and give them some time even at work to do what they enjoy doing the most. Apart from this, you can also encourage them to take leaves just like Google does. All this will change the outlook of the employees towards their job and will definitely result in brighter and more focused employees.

What is the benefit of the company?

The company would get a focused lot of employees that will result in increased productivity and better ideas. If the company is worried about the leave management, it should leave this work to payroll management software and attendance management software. When integrated properly, the employees will get the right salary amount credited to their accounts, there won’t really be any confusion.

So, make sure the next time employees ask for leave you don’t reject it without any reason.

Let employees go away once in a month, it is one of the few reasons that will keep the employees with you. It is as simple as much as you care for your employees, they care for your organisation.

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