Why HROne should be your HRMS of choice?

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Technology never fails to surprise individuals with something more advanced and unexpected then it already did. The same can be implied in the case of HR software as well. Every year there are a bunch of new HR software vendors. Clearly, not all of them belong to the same cathedra but enough to baffle your mind.

Whenever, the company plans to invest in a software, it does it research and analysis before making a decision. If you are one of such companies, in this blog, we will help you make the best decision. Let us tell you as to why 400+ clients consider HROne as their magical wand and much more. Let us begin by answering the FAQ.

What is the price and how is the support?

If there are two major concerns of any small to big enterprise, it’s the pricing model and the support services after the implementation of the software. There are many vendors who have kept the price of their software high and still fail to give support when needed. With HROne, you can only visualize this in your nightmares and never in reality. Let us elucidate.

  • Reasonably priced- You just pay one-time implementation fees and then you just pay price per user. In fact, not just this, you get on-cloud HRMS software in India easily at the price that would surely fit your budget (even if it is quite tight). You ask how and we say by using our la carte scheme. Yes! It is that simple, you can set your priorities, for instance, if payroll and attendance suffice your requirement for the time being, you can take that and get other modules added when your business expands.
  • Great Support- Another thing that worries companies is the lack of support. Our team of experts is known for its support and has also won an award for the same. So, don’t worry we are not in the habit of leaving our clients halfway. The customer support, implementation and sales team will always find time to take up your queries.

What makes HR-One better than the rest?

  • Live photo capturing- This feature is present in the application. It allows the remote users to click a picture from their live location so as to prove their presence at the place. 
  • Geo-fencing- This feature is of great use at the time of events or meetings. You can fence a particular area for the all or the employees you want to be present in that area. What happens is  the software only records their attendance for the time they are inside the fenced area. 
  • Geomarking- This feature is to mark the attendance from remote locations and can be used by working professionals who are working from home, visiting client destination, or work at the client’s office. 
  • Automated shift scheduler- The scheduler is present in the workforce management software. The same automatically changes the shift after every week, or month (whatever it is set to do).
  • Kudos- Performance management software has this feature. Kudos can be given by colleagues or managers to appreciate the work done by an employee.

What else can HROne promise?

1. Dynamic workflows
2. Seamless Integration
3. Ease of use
4. Mobile app
5.Actionable reports

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