What Is A Probation Period?

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A probation period is considered as the riskiest period of whole of the employee tenure. Employees and the employer both see it from a different perspective. While employees see it as a threat or a pendulum over their head but the employers see it as a part of onboarding, safe play and to be sure of their hiring decision. To end this never-ending clash of opinions, perceptions and assumptions; we are here with this blog. We will be starting off this blog by elucidating the term probation period.


Probation is a tenure, during which an employee is observed in terms of his work and behaviour so as to make the management sure of its decision to hire the candidate. The probation period or probationary period is crucial for every new employee as he is not confirmed in the organisation till the time the probation period is not over and the performance of the employee is not found to be matching the expectations. The period basically allows the employer to terminate the employee and the employee to leave the job if he wants to.

Probation Period Duration-

As of now, there is no law governing the probation period time limit. However, when the employee is switching to a new job role, it lasts for 3 months and when a new employee has joined it is not generally seen to be any longer than 6 months.

What should an employee do?

A new employee will get a fair idea of what he should do in terms of behavior and work to make it through the probation period. Still, here are a few tips for you to mug up so that you get a confirmation letter surely!


  • Showcase your team spirit. 
  • Be curious to know about the company and your work.
  • Stay curious to learn about the company
  • Volunteer for adding up new tasks to your role
  • Strive to be an active participant in the meetings


  • Avoid taking leaves.
  • Don’t get into arguments or fights will colleagues. 
  • Don’t act carefree or insincere. Do your deliverables on time. 
  • Don’t badmouth anyone. 
  • Never ever ignore the importance of interaction. Request manager for feedback frequently.

What should the employer, manager and HR do?

The employer, HR and manager also have a role to play. They are the ones who can boost the morale of the new employee like no other. So, while observing the performance and behavior of the employee, if there is any loophole, you should try to address it and do your bit. There are HR software to help an HR with not just onboarding but employee engagement as well. So, don’t consider probation extension letter sample as the only option. Remember, you have rolled down the offer letter to the employee on probation for a reason, don’t be too quick to judge and terminate the employee. Don’t expect only the employee to make an effort. The company should also make efforts to ensure the employee is happy at the workspace.

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