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Uniform Allowance Reimbursement Form

Because looking professional is as important as being professional in a corporate establishment, let’s not make it a costly affair!

Let your employees claim reimbursement for the amount spent on office uniform using our uniform allowance reimbursement form format.

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There are certain specific details that must be highlighted in this reimbursement form including:

What is a Uniform Allowance Reimbursement Form?


The allowance given for the purchase or maintenance of the uniform required to be worn while on duty is referred to as Uniform Allowance. This allowance can be opted for only when an office duty prescribes a specific uniform. Generally, this kind of allowance is meant for the blue collar workers.

“Under Section 10 (14)(i), Uniform Allowances are exempted from income tax to the extent of the amount received as an allowance or on actual amount spent, whichever is the lower figure.

Why is a Uniform Allowance Reimbursement Form important?

Uniform Allowance Reimbursement Forms are important because the eligible employees can rightfully claim the amount spent on buying and maintaining their uniforms from their employers using the same.

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Download a free sample of the Uniform Allowance Form template to make it easy for the employees to get the right reimbursements under this category.