How To Stop Candidates From Backing Out During Notice Period?

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Every time you roll out the offer letter to a candidate, you take a sigh of relief. But, needless to tell, the position is not closed yet and the time the candidate is serving the notice period, things can change in a matter of seconds. The candidate may be telling you all this while that he will be joining the company but betray you in the end. The company he is serving the notice period at can retain him or her and they can accept offer letter from some other company.

This is why in this blog we tell you what you can do to increase the chances of the candidate joining your company. Here are some tips to combat the reasons that can trigger the rejection of your offer letter, take a look.

Reason: The counter offer

You may be very confident about the candidate joining your company, but if you lose touch, they may get influenced by some other or their own company. Till the time the candidate has appeared to your office at the joining date, you cannot be sure if he is going to join the office.
Losing a great employee and putting the effort in training and finding the replacement is a task and this is why there are high chances that the candidate’s current employer will bait them with promotion, incentive, hike,etc.


The only solution to this is to stay in touch with them. Start the conversations with them every third day to know the updates or the scenario in their office. Build good relationships with them so that they don’t feel hesitant to tell you if their company is trying to retain them. While you are already conveying them through the conversations that your office would be the best, when they tell you that their manager is trying to retain them, you should tell them why they should not stay. For instance, you can say the problems will resurface again, the manager will again have power over them and there will always be trust issues.

Reason: Offer from third company

Talent and skills are not found in abundance. If you have extended the offer letter to a talented candidate, he will surely get an offer from other companies as well. This again put your offer in the dwindling situation the candidate may or may not accept the offer letter.


Make sure the candidate is satisfied with the offer extended to them. This is no rocket science that if the candidate is not happy with the offer, he will look for other opportunities. So, you just need to reassure the candidate that your company is the perfect fit for them. Otherwise, they may change their mind and then you will have to find some other candidate and transfer his data from recruitment management software to payroll management software.

These are the two situations that can make them reject your offer letter- they will either stay in their current company or ultimately join some other company. The only thing you can do is be like a womb to them, very supportive and motivating. 

If even then they reject the letter, you always have a candidate database in your recruitment management software to fall back on! 

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