Startups Changing the HR Software Industry in India for the Better

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Technology innovation has become quintessential for every start-up. E-commerce, service providers, food industry have all been bustling with start-up boom and much have been written about them. The trends of 2018 somehow have made a shift to HR technology providers. HR software in India has acquired a visibility and has been labeled as the dark horse of all start-ups. Lot of investments and acquisitions have been taking place and its interesting to note that small HR tech companies have been providing cutting-edge technology infused with cloud computing that big names of the industry are struggling to deliver to its users.

The fresh ideas and millennial workforce in start-ups are bringing creative ideas within tight budgets. They are producing simplified scalable technology that are custom made for SME’s that still holds the major chunk of businesses in India. Most of the small medium enterprises are still moving their business through manual labour with minimal technology usage. But through word of mouth and tech work eco-system it has become vital for SME’S to embrace technology sooner. Knowing the importance and market size of the SME segment in India, the HRMS solution providers are leaving no stone to grab their attention and implement more and more software in this category.

HR-one is one among such start-ups that has been providing HRMS solution to 1 lakh plus users in more than 200+ companies. Such software providers have three key benchmarks: flexibility, high-class customer service and fulfilling unique needs of each customer. These start-ups keep their prices reasonable for their buyers as they are first time purchasers.

India’s business eco-system is deep rooted and can be found in India’s hinterland rather than in large offices. There are more than a million small businesses that are thriving in India with limited technology. So for HR software providers that’s a big market to tap. These start-ups are quick to adopt any new technology into their existing software. With great talent by their side and millennial mindset they are very well versed about global trends such as big data compliance, agile saas applications, wearable technology and artificial intelligence to name a few.

This start-up boom will help usher in a new era for the SME segment of India and will change the way workplaces will function. It will be interesting to observe what future Indian businesses can do with the help of technology. We can’t wait to see what happens next?

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